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OG Ghost Pie x Animal Cookies

by In House Genetics

Born from the mother of all OG plants, Lemon Crippler is a medically potent cannabis strain from In-House Genetics that’s crammed with curative potential, potent sativa-dominant effects and a funky Kush flavour you’ll absolutely love.

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Lemon Crippler Strain Genetics

Lemon Crippler lineage includes one of the rarer OG Kush variations, OG Ghost Pie. Sometimes known as the ‘mother of all OG Kush strains’, this limited Afghani blend has been paired with Animal Cookies – a classic GSC x Fire OG pheno – resulting in a sativa-dominant hybrid with potent cerebral and curative powers.

Available from MGS as regular seeds, Lemon Crippler marijuana seeds are best suited to indoor growth, but excellent results can be achieved by anyone with a bit of space and a simple setup. Highly suitable for medical marijuana home growers and flavour hunters alike.

Lemon Crippler Strain Terpene Profile

Despite its name, Lemon Crippler flavour profile isn’t as citrusy as you might think. The influence of Animal Cookies is strong in this strain, giving it a pungent OG funk that’s woody and refreshing with spicey overtones. Punctuated with fruity and nutty accents, herby skunk flavours, and just a slight hint of lemon on the exhale, flavour hunters will be right at home with these unique and unexpected tastes. 

Limonene is sometimes known as the citrus terpene and gives lemons and oranges their sour smell and taste, but it’s not Lemon Crippler dominant terpene. Like many OG derivatives, this strain is rich in caryophyllene and myrcene, with limonene appearing in lower concentrations than compared to many other strains.

Lemon Crippler Breath Strain Effects

Although a sativa-dominant hybrid with a high THC content, Lemon Crippler effects are balanced and feature some indica-typical qualities. Beginning with an uplifting euphoric boost and swimming cerebral effects, this sense of euphoria eventually abates, giving way to happy feelings and a haze that clouds the mind. Once the mental buzz is gone, users can look forward to a pleasant pain-free state throughout the body.

An excellent choice for daytime use due to its energizing effects, which will make any chore seem like child’s play, novice users should approach this strain with caution as Lemon Crippler THC level can range between 24-26% on average. Those prone to paranoia may want to consider opting for something more indica-dominant with a lower THC/CBD ratio.

Lemon Crippler strain Medical Benefits

Lemon Crippler medical benefits include combating tiredness and long term exhaustion. Cannabis decreases the activity of brain cells called glia, which is known to trigger hypersensitivity of the nervous system – a condition that’s widely believed to be a significant cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Relaxing the mind but boosting energy levels; it’s an excellent choice for treating many different kinds of fatigue-related medical conditions. 

Cannabis grown from Lemon Crippler medical seeds may also offer temporary but immediate relief from depression. It can help boost serotonin levels and promote pleasant and positive feelings, with several studies showing that marijuana is much faster-acting on depressive disorders than many traditional medications. 

How to Grow Lemon Crippler Strain

The In-House Genetics seed bank recommend growing Lemon Crippler cannabis seeds inside, but outdoor growth is certainly possible and advisable if you’re short on space. As a sativa-dominant cultivar, it may stretch a little longer than other strains, especially during the flowering period, but is suitable for topping if you’re aiming to grow shorter plants. Lemon Crippler yields are average, but your plants will still produce plenty of fluffy, trichome-coated nugs in shades of dark olive green.

Although not available as feminized seeds and not particularly fast-flowering, this OG Ghost Pie x Animal Cookies cross is still a good choice for beginners with a bit of time on their hands. Lemon Crippler flowering time is nine-ten weeks from germination, and though you might have to wait a little longer than with other strains, the resinous results really pay off come harvest time.