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Afghani x Animal Cookies

by In House Genetics

The wonderfully named Afghanimal is an indica-dominant hybrid offering from In-House Genetics Seeds, available now at MGS in regular seeds.

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Afghanimal Strain Genetics

Afghanimal cannabis seeds were created by the bringing together of a true legend of the cannabis world, Afghani, with a much more modern strain. Animal Cookies (GSC x Fire OG, AKA Animal Crackers). Serious genetics and serious competition as this marijuana strain has Amnesia Haze and Northern Lights amongst its siblings on the Afghan side.

Not intimidated by its family tree, however, Afghanimal has rapidly become a seedbank favourite thanks to its robust OG Kush flavours, rapid flowering time, and hefty yield of beautiful frosty buds, prime for resin extraction.

Afghanimal Strain Terpene Profile

With GSC in the lineage, you know you’ve got some sweet flavours and aromas to fund here. The room will rapidly fill with the scent of cherry pie on exhale, with a strong Kush and Skunk-like undertone, the latter of which is due to myrcene, a very common cannabis terpene that provides that classic earthy smell.

The fruity, sugar-sweet goodness is echoed in the flavours here, especially on inhale, with limonene (citrus) and caryophyllene (peppery and spicy for a touch of the Diesel) blending for that classic Girl Scout Cookie flavour while the exhale maintains that herbal goodness, with a touch of the floral, likely from another terpene, linalool.

Afghanimal Strain Effects

The epic, relaxing, euphoric effects of this high THC (a little under 20%) cannabis strain are simply gorgeous. A two-stage high, going from an uplifted, cerebral buzz with a little burst of mental energy into a sleepy, calm, tranquil euphoria that’ll keep you going nicely through the rest of the evening.

The perfect after-dinner treat, giggles and a talkative mood should take you for a while. Then the chilled vibes take over, and this marijuana strain practically carries you to bed, ensuring you one of the most peaceful nights of sleep you have ever had!

Afghanimal Strain Medical Benefits

Afghani is a hugely popular medical marijuana seeds option for those living with insomnia, and the sedative, calming effects of Afghanimal show it to be a true chip off the old block. Not only may this strain aid you in getting to sleep, but it also has the potential to reduce the issue of waking up intermittently through the night too!

Stress relief is another reported benefit of this high THC content strain, with the cannabinoid working together with the rich terpene profile to alleviate the symptoms of stress and related conditions such as mild anxiety disorders.

How to Grow Afghanimal Strain Seeds

With a flowering time that very rarely takes longer than nine weeks from germination for indoor growers, these cannabis plants have been known to provide results in as few as seven weeks, which is impressive considering the high yield of dense buds provided in such a short time. A little pruning, occasional light changes, and you’re good to go. Minimal effort is needed here!

Outdoor and greenhouse growers of these regular cannabis seeds (feminized and autoflower seeds not currently available) will have to wait a little longer but can expect a good harvest of lime green, trichome covered buds to appear and be ready by late September in warm and dry climates.