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Blueberry x NYC Diesel

by Humboldt Seed Organization

Sour Blueberry by Humboldt Seed Organization is what every palatable and aromatic cannabis strain aspires to be. Tantalizing and potent; its bountiful flowers are an explosion of purple and blue hues and taste like blueberries and cotton candy. High in THC, it assures both a mellow body high and an invigorating cerebral buzz.

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Sour Blueberry Genetics

A potent and aromatic strain first cultivated by Jordan of the Islands. Sour Blueberry (also known as Blue City Diesel) is an indica-dominant hybrid from Blueberry and NYC Diesel parentage. With high levels of THC and intensely sweet, fruity flavours, Sour Blueberry promises mouth-watering draws and fast-acting highs that relax the body and stimulate the mind.

Sour Blueberry Terpene Profile

Interlaced with Sour Blueberry’s pungent petroleum-based and slightly sour perfume waft earthy, floral undertones and the gentle aromas of forest fruits, making this strain a complex cacophony of smells that stimulate the senses. When you inhale, expect a punch of blueberries and the sweet hint of cotton candy, followed in the exhale by a pleasantly tangy petroleum aftertaste. For creamy draws that are full of sweet, fruity flavours and potent cannabinoids, enjoy Sour Blueberry on a dab rig or water pipe. 

Sour Blueberry Effects

For a fast-acting moderate-high which soothes the body, calms the soul and uplifts the spirit, try Sour Blueberry. This dynamic sativa-dominant strain not only encourages a euphoric state of relaxation, but it also invigorates the mind. Perfect for daytime use to help cannaisseurs loosen up, feel motivated and refocus.

How to Grow Sour Blueberry

Being a resilient indica-dominant hybrid, Sour Blueberry can grow anywhere, fast, into sizeable thickset plants that provide a generous yield. Best suited for growing in either soil or hydroponics, this strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth. Outside, however, is where this variety really shines, so for more abundant crops, consider cultivating out in nature. Make sure to flower through summer for a harvest-ready in early October.

If grown well, Sour Blueberry will reward growers with dense, pungent buds that come in a palette of blues, purples and burnt orange pistils.