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Trainwreck x Mendocino Purps

by Humboldt Seed Organization

Brought to you by Humboldt Seeds, Purple Trainwreck is an indica-dominant hybrid that, as the name suggests, carries something of a potent impact. 

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Purple Trainwreck Genetics

Humboldt Seed Organization chose to combine the powerful strain Trainwreck with the much less known but equally potent strain Mendocino Purps to create a high-yielding, indica-dominant strain; Purple Trainwreck.

Purple Trainwreck Terpene Profile

Purple Trainwreck’s inspiring and complex aroma stays in line with its indica genetics and is carried through in the flavour generated by a complex terpene profile.  The presence of pinene and myrcene is evident in the herbal and spicy base of an earthy pine that permeates the scent of this impressive hybrid.  This is topped with a rich and sweet aroma of berry, a result of the presence of fruity terpinolene.

Purple Trainwreck Effects

Purple Trainwreck’s effects are something of a rollercoaster ride. The beginning of the high will hit you like a freight train and is cerebral in nature. It will make you feel hyperactive, euphoric and talkative, with a good chance of laughing fits. After a couple of minutes, this mind-boggling sensation transitions into a more body-oriented stoned feeling. This relaxed state will last for a blissfully long time.

Purple Trainwreck Medical Benefits

Those who are experiencing chronic stress, depression, tension or anxiety are recommended to try Purple Trainwreck. They may notice immediate relief in both body and mind. Purple Trainwreck is also an excellent remedy for pain in muscles, joints, and head, as well as issues with inflammation. 

How to Grow Purple Trainwreck

High yields and a beautiful colour profile are the main features of these impressive feminised seeds. Under the right temperature conditions, Purple Trainwreck will develop a breathtaking purple hue around the buds and leaves. This strain is comfortable in both indoor as outdoor environments, because of its natural resistance to moulds and mildew. With a tendency to grow fairly tall, you should prune Purple Trainwreck to ensure it has ample space.