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Purple Punch x Geist OG

by Humboldt Seed Organization

A high yielding, potent, indica-dominant hybrid from Humboldt Seeds, Passion Fruit Punch is a tropical wonder with a fast flowering period and impressively high THC content.

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Passion Fruit Punch Strain Genetics

These cannabis seeds are the result of some impressive, high-quality OG-heavy parents, with Purple Punch (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple) and Geist OG (Fire OG x III OG), combining to create this marijuana strain that boasts Skunk, Diesel, and Afghan strains alongside the OG Kush dominance in its family tree.

The unique genetics are apparent in the growing traits, with compact, high yielding cannabis plants reminiscent of the ancestry, as well as a high THC level that reaches up towards 20% in some cases. The intense, fruity, yet spicy aromas and tastes that swiftly introduce themselves to the senses are more examples of the ample inheritance Passion Fruit Punch is the beneficiary of!

Passion Fruit Punch Strain Terpene Profile

The two most notable flavours of this Humboldt Seeds Passion Fruit Punch cannabis strain are those of tangy exotic fruits and spicy black pepper, which fight each other for attention on the inhale, combining to create a tickly treat for the tongue and tonsils. This remarkable flavour concoction results from two abundant terpenes, limonene (fruity) and caryophyllene (peppery).

With Kush and Skunk so prolific in the heritage of this strain, it’s no surprise that there’s a herbal, earthy, classic weed scent present on the exhale (alongside powerful expressions of diesel gas), thanks to another dominant terpene, myrcene. There is also a touch of forest freshness to be found, hints of pine that are due to pinene sitting pretty behind the other terps, providing its own little twist to the already unique and complex terpene profile.

Passion Fruit Punch Strain Effects

This hybrid strain produces long-lasting, uplifting, strong cerebral high, taking your mind to places you didn’t know it needed to go! There’s potency here, no doubt, as shown by the swift-acting, full-body buzz that tiptoes towards couchlock (but doesn’t quite reach it).

That makes this the perfect end of day strain, seemingly created for those moments where all your chores and tasks have been taken care of, and you’re ready to just sink back into the comfiest chair you can find and surf a wave of pure euphoria as your joints and muscles relax, and a smile arrives on your face with no intention of leaving for a long while!

Passion Fruit Punch Strain Medical Benefits

People regularly dealing with stress and/or stress-related conditions may find medical marijuana benefit from this high THC content cannabis strain. Thanks to not only the cannabinoid levels but also the rich and powerful terpene profile, Passion Fruit Punch may work with the body to aid in the reduction of stress symptoms.

On a somewhat connected note, that reduction in stress symptoms is also a part of the medical cannabis potential this strain offers for those living with insomnia. The high THC levels, terpenes, and relaxing, mood-lifting buzz may aid in falling and staying asleep.

How to Grow Passion Fruit Punch Strain Seeds

Swiftly after planting these feminized marijuana seeds, you will learn you’re dealing with a beast! Fast-growing from the outset, indoor flowering time is expected to be somewhere around eight weeks from germination, with an indoor yield of up to 500 gr/m2 of dense, egg-shaped buds produced. Trellising is for indoor cultivation to support the relatively thin plants, with the compact structure and tight internode stacking, allowing for some six to nine plants per square metre.  

Outdoor growers will have to wait until Early October for harvest time, but with plants reaching three or four metres high outside (in arid climates) or in a greenhouse and giving an outdoor yield upwards of 1,000g, the wait will be more than worth it! Coated in crystal trichomes, this is an excellent strain for resin production and the pungent scent of tropical fruits, black pepper, and notes of diesel will start filling your nostrils a good while before harvesting!