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Jack Herer x Haze Auto

by Humboldt Seed Organization

Lemon Juice Express is the perfect autoflower-only strain if you are looking for a well-balanced and mild high that elevates both your body as well as your mind.  

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Lemon Juice Express Strain Genetics

Lemon Juice Express by Humboldt Seeds, is an indica-dominant, autoflowering strain with genetics from both the legendary Jack Herer and the Haze Auto strain.

Lemon Juice Express Strain Terpene Profile

One of the most redeeming qualities of Lemon Juice Express is the lovely and ever-present lemon aroma caused by the presence of fruity limonene. This lemon scent works in perfect conjunction with a very spicy and herbal undertone of pinewood, generated by the appearance of pinene and a slight incense note.        

Lemon Juice Express Strain Effects

Lemon Juice Express is a breath of fresh air between all those extremely potent strains everybody is always raving about. With an average THC-level of 13% and a CBD-level of 0.2%, Lemon Juice Express is a mild strain with mild effects. That is what makes it ideally suited for those who are looking for a change of pace.

If you want to experience an uplifting and happy cerebral buzz, while your body feels thoroughly relaxed but not sedated, then Lemon Juice Express is the strain for you.

Medical Benefits Lemon Juice Express Strain

What goes for its effect, does for Lemon Juice Express’ medicinal application as well. It is a mild strain, and thus perfectly suited to treat stress and depression, both in body and mind. 

How to Grow Lemon Juice Express Strain

As with most auto-flowering strains, cultivating Lemon Juice Express is a breeze. It will grow, regardless of its environment. Yet, if you want to maximize its yield, there are all kinds of extra techniques you can implement. One of which is to make sure the soil you use is loose and well-aerated so that the roots get the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients.