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Lemon Skunk x Cheese

by Heavyweight Seeds

If you could condense creative energy into a cannabis seed, Lemon Cake (also known as Lemon Cheesecake) from seeds co Heavyweight Seeds comes pretty darn close. This potent sativa-dominant hybrid, high THC strain provides users with a creative, uplifting buzz of pure focus, that will help pick even the most chilled cannabis connoisseur up off the couch.

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Lemon Cake Strain Genetics

Lemon Cake is derived from Lemon Skunk, a classic fruity cannabis strain which over the years has been used to create many a cannabis cup winner, perhaps most notably the famous Lemon Haze. 

Heavyweight Seeds then carefully bred Lemon Skunk with what they describe as, “a dangerously powerful Cheese” strain and voila, the delicious Lemon Cake aka Lemon Cheesecake was born. This blend of citrus and skunk DNA genetics not only provides the potency sought out by cannabis aficionados but strikes up the perfect balance between sharp and smooth strain types.

Lemon Cake Strain Terpene Profile

Rather than just one distinctive flavour as its name might suggest, Lemon Cake will take your tastebuds on an epic journey. At first, the silky smoke delivers a zesty lemony inhale, attributed to the presence of limonene. This citrusy hit gives way to a smooth skunky flavour, which then lingers on the palate with a decidedly cheesy aftertaste reminiscent of a zesty lemon cheesecake

With a pungent and potent flavour and aroma, it comes as no surprise that myrcene is the dominant terpene found in Lemon Cake with its musky herbal fragrance culminating with a spicy addition of linalool which adds to the impressive depth of flavour.

Lemon Cake Strain Effects

With a THC content higher than your average marijuana strain (sitting at around 22%), you can expect to feel a sensation of satisfying calm, followed by a saturated cerebral rush.

As a powerful sativa-dominant strain, Lemon Cake possesses creative, uplifting qualities, helping to ensure a clear mind, energise, and evoke a gentle sense of euphoria. Just make sure you have something to do in order to expend all of your new-found energy!

Lemon Cake Strain Medical Benefits

Thanks to the calming effects of terpenes myrcene and linalool, Lemon Cake offers plenty of potential in reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety making it one of the preferred medical marijuana strain types in the US and Canada. This high in THC strain offers the potential to help reduce mental clutter, freeing up space to help you find your creative flow.

While the CBD content is negligible (around 0.3%), Lemon OG is also said to to be valuable for those suffering from a lack of appetite as it can help to reduce nausea or GI-related issues thanks to its unique combination of terpenes. Consumers have also cited Lemon Cake as a useful tool for combating chronic pain, such as backache or muscle spasms largely thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of myrcene.

How to Grow Lemon Cake Strain

Growing indoors and outdoors, Lemon Cake marijuana seeds will produce tall, slender plants that are relatively easy to maintain. Unusually, for a sativa strain, these feminised seeds don’t beat around the bush either with a rapid flowering time of just nine to ten weeks.

Once Lemon Cake starts to grow, there is nothing stopping it, except maybe itself. Huge pistil coated colas will appear in abundance, so support for your plant is highly recommended lest it falls victim to its own success. When growing an indoor cannabis crop, expect generous yields of approximately 500g/m2 and even more if you choose to take things outside.