Buy High Density Auto strain seeds

White Dwarf Auto x Big Bud Auto

by Heavyweight Seeds

Looking to cut your growth times in half? With High Density Auto – a potent indica-dominant auto-flowering type from Heavyweight Seeds – cannabis cultivation has never been swifter. Ready in a mere 7-8 weeks, these stress-resistant autoflowering seeds boast some of the quickest harvest time on the market, with monstrous yields to match, allowing for a rapid turnover at a fraction of the effort

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High Density Auto Strain Genetics

The strain hunters at the seeds company Heavyweight Seeds certainly outdid themselves with this impressive auto feminised strain.  A crossbreed of two indica-dominant hybrids purposefully bred for their autoflowering potential, High Density Auto feminized seeds blends Big Bud Auto and White Dwarf Auto DNA genetics into a single heavy yielding and rigorous auto feminised plant.

Big Bud Auto – a legendary cup winner that shot to fame in the 1980s – comes highly prized by commercial growers and, as its name suggests, is best known for the massive colas that litter its flowering form. While the origins of the White Dwarf Auto marijuana seed are a little more elusive, its sugar-dusted buds are truly a sight to behold, with the indica and ruderalis genetics of both these mother plants providing High Density Auto cannabis seeds with superior harvests, speedy returns, and low-risk growth experience. 

High Density Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Though little information exists on the specific terpene profile of High Density Auto, by analysing its mother plants, we can make an educated guess at the compounds that gift this strain its earthy flavours and swimming physical effects. 

In terms of taste, these auto feminised seeds harbour classic Kush characteristics – its musky flavours likely derived from caryophyllene and alpha-pinene terpenes; both found in high concentrations within Big Bud Auto.  With a taste that’s typical of similar indica varieties, its pungent and peppery aroma will have you salivating well before it meets your palette, and users can expect a subtle sweetness and echoes of hashish upon the exhale

High Density Auto Strain Effects

A high THC content of 18-22% ensures a high potency with this autoflowering cannabis strain from Heavyweight Seeds and while potent, is not overpowering with High Density Auto offering a calming physical high that, while intense and long-lasting, is unlikely to lead to couchlock.

Users can expect to remain alert and inspired with pinene terpenes providing a welcome boost of mental clarity that make this indica dominant hybrid ideal for both daytime and nocturnal use. 

High Density Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Caryophyllene sesquiterpenes, such as those found in High Density Auto, are full of potential health benefits, including pain relief and inflammation reduction, making this hybrid a prime candidate for stiffness, swelling and muscular injuries.   

These qualities are reinforced by alpha-pinene, which exhibits similar therapeutic that makes this sweet-smelling hybrid so more than just a palate-pleaser.

How to grow High Density Strain Autoflowering

Ready to harvest in 8 short weeks from germination, High Density Auto feminised seeds boast staggering growth rates almost twice that of your average strain. Robust ruderalis genetics obtained from its mother plants ensure a quick and easy growth, making this autoflowering strain suitable for casual cultivators, while commercial growers are liable to double their turnover. 

Offering stem-bending yields of 600-800gr/m2, High Density Auto earns its name from its compact, crystal-coated buds – a carryover of its Big Bud Auto genetics – which thrive in abundance with little maintenance or effort. However, growers should beware of rot towards the end of the flowering period, as too much humidity can be fatal for compact colas such as these.