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Gelato 33 x Zkittlez

by Guru Seeds

A specially selected S1 cross fresh from our very own Guru Seeds, we are proud to present Runtz – the fruity West Coast classic that’s the cannabis equivalent of a bag of sugar candy, with an uplifting psychoactive kick that’ll set your adrenaline soaring.

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Runtz Genetic Profile

This iconic cannabis mashup was once a challenge to source outside of its Tinseltown home, but now growers the world-over can take a walk on the sweeter side of life with this feminized clone-only version from Guru Seeds. An exquisite blend of Gelato #33 and Zkittlez, Runtz lineage unites two titans of the Girl Scout Cookies family, both known for their phenomenal fruity flavours and life-affirming psychoactive kick. These complementary profiles combined have birthed one of the sweetest, strongest indica/sativa hybrids you could ever hope to lay your hands on. 

Universally loved and lauded for its creamy flavours, colourful growth, and cerebral effects, this feminized high THC/low CBD strain is a must if you’re looking to complete your collection of all-time cannabis classics. Voted Leafly Strain of the Year 2020, get your sugar fix from our very own Guru Seeds bank with Runtz marijuana seeds – the Californian Cookies classic with a resounding reputation.

Runtz Strain Terpene Profile

Runtz flavour and aroma are what you might expect from a cannabis strain that’s named after a fruit-flavoured confectionery. Its distinctly tropical, jelly bean scent has more in common a candy shop than a cannabis dispensary, and consumers can look forward to a taste akin to a freshly-chopped fruit cocktail, with plenty of syrupy sweetness, herbal skunk accents, and a lingering aftertaste of pine and powdered sugar on the exhale.

No one chemical compound is responsible for Runtz incomparable rainbow flavour profile. Caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, linalool and alpha-pinene can all be counted among Runtz dominant terpenes, but there are many more at play. Over 100 different terpenes have been identified within the cannabis plant, and depending on their concentrations, these can result in some truly amazing aromatic combinations. Terpenes also can also influence us on a physiological level, making a plant’s profile especially important when searching for specific medical or recreational effects.   

Runtz Strain Effects

Thanks to its balanced genetics and terpene profile, Runtz effects are wide-ranging and long-lasting but gear slightly closer to the cerebral side of things. Ideal for aiding daytime concentration, it provides an uplifting and focused euphoric experience with a side of gentle indica-dominant physical relaxation, though not so much that you’ll feel drowsy unless you over-consume.

Runtz THC level averages around 19%, but this can easily be pushed into the low-twenties if growers apply the right techniques just before harvest time. Though couchlock is rarely a concern with Runtz, other negative side-effects like increased paranoia have been reported by some users, so it’s best to resist this sweet and smooth operator if you’re of a lower tolerance.

Runtz Strain Medical Benefits

Whoever said taking your medicine needed to be an unpleasant experience? Runtz medical benefits are especially suited to those with short attention spans or concentration problems. Its unique cannabinoid content and stimulating effects are excellent for aiding focus, allowing those who get easily distracted or even patients who suffer from more serious disorders like ADHD, keep their minds sharp and steady.

Cannabis grown from Runtz medical seeds isn’t just sweet on the senses but can also sweeten your general demeanour if you’re feeling low. It’s already a popular choice on the West Coast dispensary scene for marijuana patients with depression, as the positive buzz it provides can offer an immediate mood boost when times are tough.

How to Grow Runtz Strain

This S1 Runtz strain is an extremely resilient plant that develops long lateral branches that widen out, covering the whole cultivation space. Outside, when cultivated under optimal conditions, these feminized photoperiod seeds will grow into large, high-producing plants with little input. However, if growing Runtz marijuana seeds inside, we recommend applying SCROG, SOG, or topping techniques for the best success, especially if you have limited space. Runtz yields an average of around 450-500g per m/2 if you opt for the latter, with outdoor plants providing around 700g of flower.

Expect both a quick veg and flowering period from this fast-paced Zkittlez x Gelato blend. Runtz cannabis seeds indoor flowering time is about nine weeks from germination, and growers should prepare for a wall of scent once it’s in full bloom. Although there’s nothing unpleasant about its aroma, it’s not exactly discreet and can get a little intense without the use of anti-odour systems. This picture-perfect phenotype also looks as good as its smells producing large, compact, and resinous buds in colours of lime green and purple. Great for making candy flavoured concentrates, edibles, or simply consuming in the traditional fashion, you can’t go wrong with this award-winning icon of the cannabis world.