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OG Kush x Northern Lights

by Guru Seeds

Brought to you by our buddies at Guru Seeds, Bubba Kush is a high THC level (around 18%), indica-dominant hybrid Kush strain with powerful sedative effects that offers dreamy, stress-busting body highs worthy of its celebrity status.

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Bubba Kush Strain Genetics

Named after its original breeder and bearing an ambiguous genetic profile, the mystique surrounding this West Coast cannabis strain is matched only by its reputation. A product of two highly-reputable indica strains – OG Kush and an unnamed Northern Lights phenotype – this intoxicating hybrid first surged to prominence in its home state of California, and now remains a mainstay of the Kush family tree.

While we’ll never know its true origins, Bubba Kush marijuana seeds inherit much of their resilience from its Northern Lights genetics, yielding fast-flowering, easy to grow plants, laden with resinous buds, with the physical effects of classic indica strains. Blended with multiple cannabis cup winner OG Kush –   arguably the superstar of the indica world – and that’s a surefire recipe for success!

Bubba Kush Strain Terpene Profile 

As a result of its lineage, these feminized cannabis seeds by Dinafem carry an enticing and unique terpene profile. Bursting with subtle flavours of coffee and dark chocolate, along with a sweet and peppery tang that’s common to Kush varieties, this potent indica hybrid owes much of its pungent aroma and robust palate to the presence of humulene. 

Delicate, floral notes can also be detected courtesy linalool terpenes, countering the full-bodied diesel flavours that dominate this popular cannabis strain, with hints of hops and chamomile further broadening its flavour profile.

Bubba Kush Strain Effects

Bubba Kush is best known for its tranquillizing qualities. The perfect relaxation aid, with a pacifying high that leaves users in a state of utter contentment, the powerful physical effects of this cannabis strain are a result of its medium-high THC level (around 18%), making it an excellent choice for those old-fashioned indica lovers.

Ideal for night-time unwinding and therapeutic purposes, Bubba Kush offers a long-lasting high that settles the mind, eases the body, and stimulates the appetite. Unlike your average kush strain, couchlock is a rarity with Bubba Kush thanks to its low levels of myrcene terpenes, allowing users to remain focused and functional even after heavy use.

Bubba Kush Strain Medical Benefits

Despite a relatively low CBD level (around 0.22%), this potent hybrid is a prime candidate for medicinal purposes and particularly useful as a form of pain management. Rich in humulene and linalool – two terpenes prized in the world of medical cannabis for their soothing properties –  the strain’s physical effects are ideal for easing chronic aches and stiffness. Significant levels of caryophyllene – another pain-relieving compound – can also help to reduce soreness and tension, making this indica hybrid medical marijuana strain a great alternative to traditional analgesics. 

How to Grow Bubba Kush Seeds

Relatively easy to grow and recommended for newcomers to cannabis cultivation, as typical with indica strains, these feminised seeds grow into thick, fast-flowering, bushy plants. 

A photoperiod flowering type and naturally resistant to moulds and pests, these feminised cannabis seeds are well-suited for outside growth but responds best when grown indoors in hydroponic solution by more experienced growers.

Though susceptible to heat stress and relatively low-yield, the quality of the bud structure produced by these feminised seeds is very high, resulting in dense, purple-tinged nuggets loaded with trichomes.