Buy Lemon Pie Auto strain seeds

Skunk #1 x Amnesia Haze

by Fast Buds

Fresh out of the lab at the Fastbuds seed bank, Lemon Pie Auto is a balanced, autoflowering hybrid strain with a beefy THC content and massive aroma. As its name suggests, prepare for a towering, citrus explosion of flavour and effects from this delectable strain.

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Lemon Pie Auto Strain Genetics 

Fastbuds Lemon Pie Auto marijuana seeds are typical of other autoflowering strains. A crossbreed between the hearty Cannabis Ruderalis and its autoflowering genetics, and the sativa-dominant Lemon Pie, this beauty boasts Skunk #1 and Amnesia Haze in its family tree.

Lemon Pie Auto lineage is the best collection of its heritage, as Amnesia Haze delivers creativity and mental energy to its autoflower offspring. The famous Skunk #1 is well known for its peaceful and body and head high and shares the same effects with its Lemon Pie child.

Lemon Pie Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Terpenes are abundant, and Lemon Pie Auto aromas are intense, filling a room in little time. The plants themselves emanate intoxicating tart citrus zest with twangs of skunky fuel and creamy pie dough. Inhalations of the vapour deliver a herbal and lemon bomb laced with skunk, and each exhalation exhibits baking spices, pie crust, and notes of pine.

Fastbuds Lemon Pie Auto weed dominant terpenes are bold and active, showcasing the citrusy Limonene and its focused, energetic effects that improve the mood. Caryophyllene and Myrcene are also present, full of pain relief and dank aromas of fruit, sweet dough, and cinnamon. 

Lemon Pie Auto Strain Effects 

Upon administering the first dose of Lemon Pie Auto, expect your mind to buzz slightly as the cerebral sativa and Limonene get to work. body-calming effects are next from this indica-dominant hybrid, but they are controlled and subdued despite Lemon Pie Auto’s THC levels climbing up to 24%. Hard couch-lock is almost nonexistent unless you indulge a bit too much.

Lemon Pie Auto weed is perfect for a social night out with friends, as it dissolves anxiety and allows you to enjoy the moment. Also, savour a session before a morning jog to clear the mind and keep your body healed.

Lemon Pie Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Lemon Pie Auto medical seeds produce potent medicine, dripping with healing power. Sativa genes and active terpenes help to reduce depression and anxiety-reducing effects, clearing the mind of gloom. Relaxation and mood elevation arrive hand in hand with each citrusy puff. 

High in THC yet low in CBD, the buzzy sativa effects are balanced by the calming indica and terpenes such as Myrcene. Expect pain relief and a calm, focused demeanour with an uplifting aura of happiness. 

How to Grow Lemon Pie Auto

Growing Lemon Pie Auto cannabis seeds is an excellent endeavour for skilled and new growers, as it is a monster producer with reasonably low maintenance required. The plant is resistant to elements and pests and does well in both indoor and outdoor growing areas. Different phenotypes can grow from each pack of seeds, so be sure to flush to bring out the beautiful pink and red brilliance across the buds. Lemon Pie Auto yields are upward of 550g per m2, especially with Low-Stress Training on its side branches or large pots for outdoor growing.

Lemon Pie Auto seeds have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks after germination. These autoflowering seeds do not need their light levels adjusted before harvesting and will produce richly resinous nugs with lavender leaves, frosty trichomes, and short, orange pistils. With alluring aromas of tart lemon, Pine-Sol, and sweet dough, growers will fall in love with the sensory potency of this strain.