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Lowryder x G13 Hash Plant

by Fast Buds

Fast Buds is proud to present the most stable strain it has ever offered. An automatic version of the legendary G13 Hash Plant that is unbelievably consistent and must-have for anyone within even the most challenging weather conditions and who cannot always be there to tend to their plants. Resilience at the highest level with G14.

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G14 Strain Genetics

The breeders at Fast Buds have crossed Lowryder together with G13 Hash Plant, which is known for her indica dominance, potency, and sweet, hashy taste. They have stabilized this line by using two Lowryder strains. Lowryder is a very stable and small 50/50 auto-flowering hybrid, meaning the result is a super stable strain which will flower from seed to harvest in 63 days.

G14 Strain Terpene Profile

The flavour and aroma are rich in citrus with a perfumed sweet edge. There will be overtones of pine and sandalwood, which blends into a more subtle earthy sweetness of lime and lemongrass, finishing in a soft floral fragrance. When lighting a joint of G14, the flavour is thick and long-lasting, with a sharper citrus edge that becomes more pronounced with every toke. On the exhale there will be soft overtones of candy and damp earthy sweetness. A complex and truly delightful terpene profile.

G14 Strain Effects

G14 has a pleasant high and mild-bodied physical effect. Its Haze genetics brings a clear cerebral high that is enjoyable, creative and social. While in stronger doses, G14’s indica dominance comes through with relaxing physical effects. This makes G14 an excellent choice for daytime and evenings,  social scenarios, gaming, or warming down after exercise.

Medical Benefits G14 Strain

G14’s calming yet energizing effects may be beneficial for those suffering from stress, fatigue or social anxiety. Its light, relaxing indica properties could also provide some relief for muscle aches, migraines, and general aches and pains. 

How to Grow 14 Strain

G14 will take 63 days from seed till harvest. This autoflowering strain is exceptionally resistant to cold weather, wet conditions and minimal feeding. G14 will pack on some serious weight even for such a small, discrete stature, and her buds will be thick, sticky and packed full of resin.

On average she can grow between short and medium height, depending on where she is grown. Outdoors, G14 can produce very impressive yields, and many growers find they have as much success growing this strain indoors. A very easy-to-grow automatic which will not let you down!