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Take a walk on the wild side with Exotic Animal – a beastly OG Kush and Cookies cross from Exotic Seeds with an unconventional smokey taste and a balanced but electrifying hybrid attack that’ll bring out the animal inside of you.

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Exotic Animal Strain Genetic Profile

Bred from one of the Exotic Seed’s own Afghani creations and a fan-favourite Girl Scout Cookies pheno, Exotic Animal marijuana seeds have been finally uncaged and are now available for growers to care for from the comfort of their own home. Combining genetics from Herz OG – a phenomenal Kush cut made in tribute to the Berlin-based rap artist, Herzog – and Animal Cookies – a GSC/Fire OG hybrid cannabis strain – this rampaging beast of a crossbreed offers a brand new twist on the original OG Kush formula and a balanced but high-powered range of psychoactive effects.

Smoky, spicy, and with a minty kick at the end, its unusual flavour offers something a little different from the usual West Coast fare, while its feminized genetics, high yields, and barrel-shaped growth pattern make it the perfect partner for SOG or SCROG setups.

Though not as quick to ripen as an autoflowering strain, Exotic Animal lineage makes it an excellent choice for commercial growers or concentrate creators looking for the new flavour of the week, so now’s the perfect time to introduce this marijuana monster to your growing pheno family.

Exotic Animal Terpene Profile

Exotic Animal flavour is heavily influenced by its kush heritage and yet incredibly complex and unique in its own regard. Its unusual aroma is earthy, sweet, and thick with spice, skunk, and fruity floral notes. Along with many of the classic flavours associated with OG Kush, growers will also notice a minty fresh hit that leaves a present and persistent taste in the mouth and a candy sweetness more common to Cookies strains like Sherbet, Gelato, or Wedding Cake.

The standout flavours of Hindu kush strains like Larry OG and Bubba Kush can usually be attributed to caryophyllene. This peppery terpene, which is present in all kinds of plants and herbs – including black pepper – is an excellent anti-inflammatory and was one of the first cannabis-derived compounds to be classified as safe for dietary purposes.

Exotic Animal abundant terpenes also include linalool, humulene, and myrcene, further enhancing its flavour and psychoactive effects.

Exotic Animal Strain Effects

Exotic Animal effects provide a decent level of physical relaxation paired with functional cerebral stimulation, giving consumers a pleasant psychoactive experience that won’t get in the way of day-to-day activities. Nevertheless, it’s a creature that should be approached with caution, especially if you’re of a low THC tolerance.

When it strikes, expect an immediate euphoric lift and a surge of primal energy throughout the body. After a while, a soothing sensation will begin to work its way down from the tip of your head to the ends of your arms and legs. Once this feeling eventually ebbs away, you’ll be left in a state of worry-free contentment and ready to face anything the world has to throw at you.

Exotic Seed haven’t provided any information about Exotic Animal THC content, but its high pedigree and long-lasting indica/sativa effects speak for themselves. Experienced users shouldn’t be too concerned about getting up close and personal, especially during the day. At night, things may get a little wild, especially if you’re inexperienced or suffer from insomnia, as its stimulating effects will take a while to wear off once it gets its claws into you.

Exotic Animal Medical Benefits

OG Kush strains are famed for their stress-relieving abilities, and Exotic Animal medical seeds are of a similar breed. Its effects are both physically relaxing and mentally euphoric – the perfect balance if you’re going through a particularly trying time. When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, the calming influence of its high THC levels could be effective at helping regulate breathing, offering gentle pain relief, and reducing feelings of generalized anxiety.

Although this marijuana strain is said to be indica-dominant, Exotic Animal medical benefits shouldn’t affect your productivity. In fact, its initial energizing kick can actually help those with motivational problems or chronic forms of fatigue. If you’re in need of a little lift or feeling uninspired, its invigorating influence may be all that’s required to get your brain and body into action mode.

How to Grow Exotic Animal Strain

This cannabis plant’s columnar structure mirrors that of a landrace plant and is perfectly suited to SOG or SCROG setup – a technique that some growers use to maximise yield in a limited growing space. By growing several smaller plants in a company area rather than focusing on one or two bigger plants growers can expect Exotic Animal yields to reach anywhere between 400-500g per/m2.

When in tight confinement, this stinky beast’s characteristic Kush scent is likely to become very strong, so make sure to invest in some carbon scrubbers beforehand in the interest of discretion. Growing Exotic Animal feminized cannabis seeds outside is also possible, but they will require a temperate or Mediterranean climate for optimum growth and will be ready to harvest around late September.

These feminized photoperiod seeds produce resinous lime green OG plants with pale yellow hairs and a sticky winter coat of snowy trichomes. This final feature will be especially appealing to extract artists as trichomes are what determines the number of cannabinoids a plant produces and its terpene concentration. There are many methods that can be used to increase trichome production, and most should be implemented during Exotic Animal flowering period, which is around nine weeks from germination.