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Cookies & Cream x Grease Monkey

by Exotic Genetix

A balanced blend of Indicas and Sativas, Milk Monkey offers its funky charms with a uniquely flavoured hybrid strain that not only has a strong potency and a high yield but also a range of stimulating effects and benefits.

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Milk Monkey Genetic Profile

Milk Monkey from Exotic Genetix seed bank is an Indica/Sativa hybrid cannabis strain with a balanced 50/50 blend, sired from backcrossing Cookies & Cream (Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter F2) with Grease Monkey (Gorilla Glue #4 x Cookies & Cream). It has a fast growth time with a high yield and inherits the seed company house genetics of its parents, with a high THC content that helps to deliver impressive potency.

Milk Monkey cannabis seeds grow into multi-topped bush plants with a sage-green complexity, featuring orange pistils and hints of purple that deepen in colour as the plant grows. It offers a sweet, doughy flavour reminiscent of chocolate cookies with creamy undertones.

Milk Monkey Terpene Profile

Taking many of its parent’s attributes, Milk Monkey emits a pleasantly sweet and doughy aroma with an array of earthy qualities. There’s also touches of citrus, which is the result of inheriting the abundance of limonene found in its grandparent, Starfighter F2.

The creamy and doughy texture to the flavour is the result of the unique combination of the less-prevalent terpenes, with linalool and pinene, along with hints of ocimene, being mostly responsible for the sought-after cookie dough taste. Milk Monkey’s terpene profile is dominated by caryophyllene, which adds a mild earthy, peppery quality, followed by limonene and myrcene, the latter of which additionally lends hints of a hops-like taste to the flavour blend.

Milk Monkey Strain Effects

As it’s an even blend of both Indica and Sativa genes, Milk Monkey offers a balanced experience of both uplifting cerebral highs as well noticeable sedative effects on the body. It’s best suited to those looking to carry on their day without wanting to sink into a comfy chair for the next four hours.

While Milk Monkey has relatively high THC levels upwards of 20%, CBD levels are under 1%, which allows for a strong and potent effect, and certainly not cannabis strain for novelty purposes. The Sativa element to the blend is responsible for the calming effects and offers a euphoric and uplifting experience.

Milk Monkey Medical Benefits

Not only do cannabinoids offer a whole host of boons and benefits to the body, such as helping with the immune system, but terpenes are also known for their perks as well. The dominant terpene in this strain, caryophyllene, offers anti-bacterial elements, while myrcene is known for enhancing experiences when fused with cannabinoids.

Among the less-prevalent terpenes in Milk Monkey, linalool helps to treat anxiety and insomnia, as it has a powerful effect on the serotonin receptors in the body. Limonene has an energizing and buzzy quality to it and counterbalances the sedative impact of the myrcene. Due to a high THC level of 20% and up, Milk Monkey is a strong potency and is excellent for a relaxing mood or nightcap with a bit of mystic magic.

How to Grow Milk Monkey Strain

Unlike regular seeds, Milk Monkey feminized seeds are always bud-producing and bear a medium-to-tall plant with a multi-topped bush that matures within 8 – 9 weeks with optimal growing conditions. It’s more recommended for experienced horticulturalists, as it can require more care and attention than other strains, which are relatively easier to grow as a beginner.

If grown outdoors, Milk Monkey is best suited to a warm climate with an optimal harvest time around late September to early October. Growing outside has reportedly resulted in a yield of a whopping 16 ounces per plant, thanks mainly to its celebrated DNA genetics.

A heavy producer, Milk Monkey, is generally best suited to an indoor grow, offering a yield of around 350 – 450 grams per square meter, although SOG (sea of green) growth methods and hydroponics reportedly improve the flowering time by about a week. With a vast yield and great flavours, it’s certainly apparent why Milk Monkey and the Cookies lineage is such a popular cannabis strain among enthusiasts.