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Afghani #1

by Dutch Passion

The one and only true purple, used by breeders since the early ’80s, Purple #1 from Dutch Passion is beloved for her evenly balanced genetics and remarkable purple colouration. 

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Purple #1 Genetics

Originally bred from some great Afghani genetics, that have somewhat sadly been lost to the mists of time, Purple #1 from Dutch Passion has become a true classic since Henk Van Dalen, introduced her to The Netherlands in the early ’80s and crossed in the sativas. The indica parentage derives from a purple Afghani which was carefully crossed with some top indica and sativa strains to create a strong outdoor plant that is fully adapted to a European climate.

Today, its one of those rare, straight evenly balanced hybrid strains that provides the best of both that gives a balanced high with all the best benefits of both. Loved by growers for her good, outdoor yields and by cannaisseurs for the wonderful high.

Purple #1 Terpene Profile

A little rough on the throat but spicy and very herbal in the flavour. A real earthy cannabis taste, and a light but not overwhelming aroma: handy for when discretion is required. 

Purple #1 Effects

Purple #1 has a fast-acting, sturdy high, that though not long in duration, has a lovely consistency to it. With more energising effects, and with a potency that will make you mellow as hell but not flatten you completely, Purple #1 is a mild, very pleasurable smoke that is refreshing and perfect for using in the day as well as at night.

Purple #1 Medical Benefits

The main benefit to medical usage of this strain is that Purple #1 is strong enough to feel well medicated but light enough to use in the daytime. THC is middling, at around 15%; for novice users, or those who prefer less intense effects, Purple #1 should do the trick.  Other cannabinoid ratios are not readily available but the body-buzz from Purple #1, for a strain that was not specifically cultivated for medical use, is considerable enough to provide some comfort for those with sore muscles, fatigue, stress, and joint pain.

How to Grow Purple #1

Available in both feminised seeds and regular seeds, The wonderful, deep purple that comes through in the flower is delightfully still visible in the dried, sticky, fruity bud – you’ll see bands of it in the nugs. Very hardy and now completely adapted for Northern European climates, Purple #1 is a great outdoor plant; very resistant to pests, mould and mildew. According to the breeder, up to 90% of plants have the unusual, purple colouration which gets deeper with colder nights (the pigment protecting the plants against the cold). The plants, in good conditions, can produce a sizeable medium yield. Purple #1 is not suitable for indoor growing and often gets very tall within the relatively short growing period. Bud can be a beautiful violet colour, sticky and very resinous.