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Africa Landrace

by Dutch Passion

Powerful by name, powerful by nature: and nature has bred a beauty in Power Plant, with a little help from Dutch Passion. This sativa-dominant hybrid grows big and chunky, thanks to the touch of indica in this otherwise 100% sativa, African landrace genetics. It produces a powerful, creative and energetic high from a strain that is both rich and smooth.

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Power Plant Genetics

Unusual in having near 100% pure Africa Landrace genetics, this sativa-dominant strain has just a touch of indica in the mix to boost its yield and make the buds nice and juicy. First introduced into Dutch coffeeshops in 1997 Power Plant from Dutch Passion quickly became popular and remains a menu staple to this day. Power Plant is also popular among gardeners as it is a well-tested, stable phenotype.

Power Plant Terpene Profile

A combination of alpha-pinene and limonene along with touches of other terpenes combines earthy, woody tastes and smells with lingering hints of citrusy lemon that add to the flavour of this potent heavy yielding strain.

Power Plant Effects

Popular with recreational and medical users, Power Plant is characterized by a very clear-headed, sativa-typical head-high. Creative, energetic and focusing is good for daytime use; be it waking and baking or managing mood to stay productive. Dry eyes and mouth are common side effects, and some users do complain that the high can be so heady that it induces anxiousness; so a good one for experienced sativa-lovers but perhaps choose a more balanced hybrid if you know yourself to be a nervy type.

Power Plant Medicinal Benefits

The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory possibilities of both alpha-pinene and limonene are thought to create the painkilling effect that makes Power Plant a favourite of those with chronic pain issues. Indeed, medical cannabis strains with a higher THC level, especially South African sativas, are also thought to increase hunger, meaning this fine sativa dominant cannabis strain could be helpful for those suffering from a lack of appetite. Other African sativas like Durban Poison are also thought to be particularly effective in treating a lack of appetite.

Power Plants low CBD levels are countered by its impressive terpene profile, meaning there is also the possibility of it also offering some anti-inflammatory qualities as well as relief from acute pain.

How to Grow Power Plant

Power Plant is a big yielder, hence the name. What’s more, this strain is very adaptable and grows well both outdoors and in greenhouses though it is perhaps best suited to a Mediterranean type climate. Be aware this strain can be very pungent. Thanks to its strong African landrace genetics, Power Plant grows fast for a sativa and will produce either lots of medium, chunky buds or a few massive ones with small ´popcorn´ flowers in between – all of them nice and frosty.