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by Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion’s best-kept secret, Banana Blaze, is an epic indica-dominant cultivar that’s been hidden away since the early 90s. With its tempting tropical fruit flavour, it´s certainly been well worth the wait. 

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Banana Blaze Strain Genetics 

Banana Blaze lineage can be traced back to an old school Banana Indica variety from the Dutch Passion gene bank that dates back to the 1990s. Born from the same Afghani Kush regions as the legendary cup-winning Mazar and Master Kush phenotypes and saved for a special development program such as this, its indica-dominant genetics are top-shelf quality. However, its distinctive fruity flavour and punchy banana aroma are probably its biggest selling points.

Now available in an autoflowering or feminized variety, Banana Blaze marijuana seeds are remarkably easy to cultivate, deliver moderate-high yields, and provide a relaxing body stone, giving modern growers of all abilities the chance to experience the tropical delights of this supercharged 90s classic first hand.

Banana Blaze Strain Terpene Profile

Banana Blaze flavour and aroma is pungent, aromatic, and, as expected, reminiscent of everyone’s favourite yellow fruit. Its creamy ripe banana taste is unmistakable and enhanced with subtle citrus flavours, grassy skunk scents and an earthy quality that’s common to kush strains.

Limonene, myrcene and alpha-pinene are Banana Blaze abundant terpenes, but these aromatic compounds are far more than just flavour enhancers. Although responsible for the strain’s taste and smell, they also possess other active qualities that influence its psychoactive profile.

Banana Blaze Strain Effects 

Banana Blaze effects are a testament to its rich indica heritage. Expect a wonderfully relaxing body-based experience that’s ideal for after-hours or just chilling on the couch with friends. In excess, its effects quickly become sleep-inducing, so bear this in mind if indulging during the day. 

Dutch Passion has yet to reveal Banana Blaze THC content, but various reports claim levels ranging from 15-20%. As such, it may be a little too strong for novice users. Don’t let this slippery strain’s overwhelming indica side catch you off guard because, without moderation, couchlock can quickly ensue.

Banana Blaze strain Medical Benefits

If school sick-days taught us anything, it’s that the best medicines are banana flavoured, and this medically potent marijuana strain is no exception. Banana Blaze medical benefits can be used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders owing to its high myrcene content. 

Representing over 20% of the terpene profile in modern commercial strains, how this terpene works is not fully understood by science, but in conjunction with high THC, it makes an excellent sleep aid.

Myrcene also gives Banana Blaze medical seeds muscle relaxing and pain-reducing effects by increasing the brain and spinal cord’s own opioid chemicals. Caryophyllene – another abundant cannabis terpene that’s present in high quantities in this strain – has a similar effect on the body.

How to Grow Banana Blaze Strain 

Growing Banana Blaze cannabis seeds doesn’t require a lot of extra effort or strong nutrient feeds. Even novice growers shouldn’t have a problem helping it reach its full XL potential. Finishing in a classic compact Christmas tree plant structure, with plenty of side branches, SCROG isn’t recommended for this strain, and it’s better to let her grow naturally or in a SOG setup. Banana Blaze flowering time is a short 7-8 weeks from germination, so while patience may be a virtue, it isn’t necessary here, whether you’re growing inside or out.

This plant blooms large and heavy, producing a massive sticky main cola coated with wispy white hairs. As such, it’s a little more susceptible to mould and moisture problems. Banana Blaze yields are around 400-450g per m2 or 500-1000g per plant, but while it isn’t the biggest producer, this pheno is available as feminised or autoflowering seeds, making turnovers quick and easy.