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Kush Dreams x Sunset Sherbet

by DNA Genetics

A creamy dessert strain that’s overflowing with mouthwatering flavours, Sorbet Dreams is a delectable indica-leaning Kush descendent from the strain hunters at  DNA Genetics seeds that marries two of their best selling feminized seeds into a delicious hybrid strain.

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Sorbet Dreams Genetics

A proud product of its heritage, sorbet dreams cannabis seeds inherits flavourful qualities and powerful sensory effects from two exclusive cup winners offered up by DNA genetics.

As one might expect, Sorbet strains are favoured for their fruity flavours, with the original – a rumoured phenotype of Sunset Sherbert – lending Sorbet Dreams its sweetness and moreish bag appeal. Kush Dreams – a limited-edition and high-yielding bestselling marijuana seed from the company’s 5-star seed bank – introduces powerful growth genetics to these feminized cannabis seeds and musky flavours commonly associated with Kush strains; the profiles of its parent plants blending together to form a distinct and delicious hybrid.

Sorbet Dreams Terpene Profile

Retaining the OG Kush terpenes that made its mother plant so popular, while introducing the fruity undertones of the Sorbet, Sorbet Dreams offers a rich and aromatic sensory experience that’s a must-try for flavour fiends and Kush aficionados alike.  

Those with a sweet tooth will delight at the mixed berry aftertaste – likely a product of myrcene and humulene terpenes –  and unmistakable creamy quality that defines DNA Genetics’ celebrated Sorbet collection. However, the strain’s most dominant smells and flavours come from the Kush family tree; its unique terpene profile – high in limonene and caryophyllene – results in a pungent medley of skunk and spice, with a heavy diesel kick upon the exhale.

Sorbet Dreams Effects

With indica dominant genetics, Sorbet Dreams offers a deeply relaxing high that’s mainly physical in effect, yet despite their heavy-hitting heritage, these female seeds are less potent than many of the more formidable OG Kush cup winners, with an average THC content of around 14-17%, along with additional qualities more commonly associated with sativa seed strains.

An uplifting cerebral buzz and sense of social stimulation is sure to keep you clear of couchlock, while gentle numbness grips the body, easing anxiety and tension, making DNA genetics Sorbet Dreams a remarkably well-rounded strain that’s ideal for sharing with friends.

Sorbet Dreams Medical Benefits

As a form of medical marijuana, Sorbet Dreams offers up some potential thanks to a seemingly complex blend of terpenes. 

Limonene (found in high concentrations in both of its parent strains) has shown to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in regions of the brain commonly associated with anxiety, depression, and OCD, making Sorbet Dreams a potential alternative treatment for a range of mental health conditions. 

Additionally, myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes both exhibit powerful pain-relieving properties, making these medical seeds also ideal for treating physical aches and discomfort.  

How to grow Sorbet Dreams

Though few can rival the monstrous yields of the mother plant – with Kush Dreams famed as one of the highest-yielding Kush hybrids – Sorbet Dreams is certainly a worthy contender; its quick flowering time and generous harvests making these feminized seeds a rewarding option for cannabis cultivators of all kinds. 

Growing taller than your average indica dominant strain, Sorbet Dreams cannabis seeds are perfect for outdoor cultivation – with a rapid flowering time of just eight weeks – and, while suitable for indoor growth, some height control techniques may be necessary to keep this voracious strain under control. 

Pleasing to the eye and producing plenty of oozing, sugar-coated buds, the plant’s high resin content also makes it an ideal choice for hash and concentrate creators.