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Californian OG Kush x Oregon Blueberry

by DNA Genetics

With Kushberry, DNA Genetics managed to create a balanced indica-dominant hybrid that captures the true American West Coast spirit in one mind-blowing strain!

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Kushberry Strain Genetics

Kushberry is the combination of two popular US West Coast strains; Californian OG Kush and Oregon Blueberry from the mountainous state of Oregon.

Kushberry Strain Terpene Profile

Kushberry stands out due to its noticeable berry flavour and aroma. This gives Kushberry a lovely sweet flavour profile that goes well with its earthy, herbal undertones.                         

Kushberry Strain Effects

The first part of the high is predominantly that of its sativa side. The mental effect is euphoric, putting a smile on your face and leaving you ready to party. Soon after, the indica part of its genetics take over and it’s likely you’ll find a chill-sesh more appealing. Don’t worry though, because of its well-balanced genetics you’ll never feel couch-locked! You’ll still be able to engage in social interaction.       

Kushberry Strain Medical Benefits

Kushberry’s euphoric, relaxing yet social high has been found helpful people struggling with anxiety or depression. It’s relaxing properties are also useful for easing aches and muscle tension. Got a headache or sore back? Kushberry is here to ease the pains.

How to Grow Kushberry Strain 

Kushberry’s cultivation difficulty is intermediate to advanced, mainly because it needs a Mediterranean climate to grow and thrive outside. If you want to ensure a plentiful harvest indoors, you’ll need to have some experience with hydroponics or Screen of Green techniques, preferably both. Only then will this short and stocky strain produce maximum result.