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Rare Dankness Wardareek’n x Kuchi

by Devil Harvest

The aptly named OG Reek’n has a notoriously pungent yet equally pleasing aroma. A unique Kush with strong body-buzzing effects.

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OG Reek’n Strain Genetics

Devil’s Harvest Seeds likes to call this type of strain a new age ‘fuel’ Kush, due to its unique smell and flavour. It consists of crossing between a Rare Dankness Wardareek’n female and their own Kuchi male, making it an indica-leaning hybrid. 

OG Reek’n Strain Terpene Profile

OG Reek’n is named for its extremely pungent, almost lemon-scented diesel aroma, distinct spicy-pine aftertaste, floral undertones, and unmistakable kush-hash finish. 

OG Reek’n Strain Effects

The heavy body-stoned sensation of OG Reek’n creeps on slowly. Coming in waves, a happy, euphoric physical buzz eventually leads to a sedated state of tranquil bliss. Its calming effects are best to enjoy in the evening.

Medical Benefits OG Reek’n Strain

Ongoing research suggests strains with high THC levels, like OG Reek’n, may potentially help with pain, inflammation, and appetite loss or nausea.

How to Grow OG Reek’n Strain

OG Reek’n’s sativa components make it a relatively tall plant and therefore a good candidate for the SCROG cultivation method. Left alone, this strain grows fairly easy on its own, but it is advised to leave a little room above its main cola since it will double in height as the plant goes into its flowering stage. If kept small, OG Reek’n produces the optimal yield in around 9 – 10 weeks.