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Super Silver Haze x Amnesia Haze

by Devil Harvest

Golden Haze, one of Devil’s Harvest’s strongest indoor sativas, has made it on many favorites lists. Can this Haze phenotype stay in the race for top-shelf sativas? Time will tell.

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Golden Haze Strain Genetics

The majority of Devil’s Harvest’s strain collection consists of premium indica-dominant hybrids. For this reason, Devil’s Harvest decided to try their luck with a sativa-dominant blend. The result is a mix of Super Silver Haze and an Amnesia Haze, aptly named Golden Haze.

Golden Haze Strain Terpene Profile

Golden Haze tastes and smells exactly like a classic Haze should. Those who have sampled any kind of Haze phenotype will immediately recognize the unmistakable spicy bouquet of earthy sweet and floral aromas.

Golden Haze Strain Effects

The happy, euphoric and uplifting head buzz of Golden Haze is also spot-on. This sativa-dominant is loved for its ability to boost energy, focus, and creative vigour. A cerebral high that is best enjoyed during the day.

Medical Benefits Golden Haze Strain

Golden Haze’s sativa effects may provide the necessary energy boost for those struggling with fatigue or low moods. High THC strains like Golden Haze have also been suggested to have appetite-stimulating effects (which may be helpful for people undergoing cancer treatment/chemotherapy), and properties that may help provide relief from Glaucoma.

How to Grow Golden Haze Strain

While Golden Haze can be cultivated outdoors, the best result is achieved in warmer climates or indoors. In warmer conditions, this strain can flower into mid-October with the potential to reach well over two meters (something to keep in mind when growing it indoors). Besides the tall stature of the plant, it doesn’t need much attention or maintenance, making it a relatively easy strain for new growers.