Buy Zkendoz strain seeds

Zkittlez x Mendo Splitter

by Dank Terpenes

A careful mix of cookies and kush genes lends Zkendoz – a higher-yielding Zkittlez variant from the Dank Terpenes seeds company – an incomparable chemical-tinged fuel flavour and a sucker-punch impact that’ll test your THC tolerance to its limits. 

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Zkendoz Genetic Profile

Dank Terpenes may be relatively new, but their incredible range of high-quality aromatic cannabis strains features some of the finest and unusual flavour pairings currently available. The product of complicated backcrossing and breeding techniques, often their custom seeds are bred from three or more different cannabis cultivars, but Zkendoz lineage is one of their most simple. 

Pairing classic Zkittlez and Mendo Splitter genes, its powerful indica impact and mix of fruit and fuel flavours are matched only by its monstrous yields and reliability. This is why this signature strain’s genetic material often crops up among the seed company’s dynamic DNA mixes.

Unlike many Cookies strains, this no-fuss cultivar is easy to grow and doubles down on the low yields one might expect from a Zkittlez offshoot. Delivering bumper harvests of delicious tasting, purple-tinted indica bud, Zkendoz marijuana seeds are available now from MGS in a regular variety, so why not get on board with a new classic Cookies cut while the going’s still hot?

Zkendoz Terpene Profile

Zkendoz flavour profile features all the fruity goodness of its Zkittlez parent, but with a little extra fire for good measure. While Mendo Splitter – a Mendo Breath x Atom Splitter blend with a rich OG Kush background – has steered its taste in a more tangy diesel direction, the candy sweetness, skunk, and berry scents that found its mother plant fame remain in full effect, making this moreish phenotype a must for those with a sweet tooth. 

Zkendoz dominant terpene is caryophyllene. Fuel flavours are usually attributed to this pungent chemical compound but also contribute towards this strain’s fruity aesthetic, along with other common terpenes like limonene, myrcene, terpinolene, pinene, and linalool, which has a very floral, candy-like aroma with a hint of citrus fruit. This latter cannabis terpene – often used as an essential oil or in topical creams – is also known to promote relaxation and calming physical effects.

Zkendoz Strain Effects

This phenotype’s attack is two-pronged, owing to its hybridized heritage. While Zkittlez is a strong but easy-going strain that can be enjoyed throughout the day, Mendo Splitter is a hard-hitting marijuana heavyweight with an incapacitating indica impact that’s best saved for bedtime. Falling somewhere in between the two, Zkendoz effects begin in typical sativa fashion, with a stimulating rush to the brain and a surge of euphoric energy, but end in a sedative knockout. In the middle, users will experience a calming, relaxing effect, an energizing mental buzz, and a prominent uplift in mood.

Zkendoz THC level hasn’t been provided by Dank Terpenes but has been categorized as high. Both its parents average at 19% THC, and, as such, it only takes a small dose of this sweet but deadly strain to make a significant impact. Lower tolerance users will struggle to overcome its couchlock-inducing sedative streak, so save Zkendoz for after-hours if high THC/low CBD strains like this tend to make you sleepy.

Zkendoz Strain Medical Benefits

Zkendoz medical seeds won’t solve all your problems, but they can help alleviate some of the mental burden associated with depression. Zkendoz weed is medical dispensary-quality and promotes a positive, worry-free mindset which can be more effective than many prescription medications currently available. The effects of THC won’t last forever, but for those with serious mood disorders, sometimes even a temporary boost can be all that’s needed to turn an otherwise troublesome day around. 

This hybrid also inherits Mendo Breath’s sedating streak, which is world-renowned within the medical marijuana community. An excellent sleep aid, Zkendoz medical benefits are highly suitable to those with circadian disorders like insomnia and parasomnia. In addition, its high cannabinoid content results in calming, sleep-inducing and anti-inflammatory effects that are ideal for helping block those outside interferences getting in the way of your good night’s rest. 

How to Grow Zkendoz Strain

Though Zkittlez is prized by growers as an easier cannabis plant to rear than many other Cookies cultivars, it is also known for its relatively low yields. Mendo Splitter genes have given this plant greater stability than its parent, and better results come harvest time. As such, growing Zkendoz marijuana seeds is relatively stress-free and totally suitable for beginners. Thriving indoors or outside and adapting reading to cultivation techniques like LST and SCROG, with the right temperature and lighting, any grower – old or new – can achieve excellent results from these regular seeds.

As already mentioned, Zkendoz cannabis seeds yields are higher than those typically expected from its mother plant. A successful growth cycle will result in chunky, resinous indica plants bursting with colourful, purple cannabis flower and more crystals than a Swarovski bracelet. Zkendoz flowering time is only eight-nine weeks, which also makes it highly suitable to commercial cultivators looking for Californian-quality but with half of the work and wait time.