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Wedding Cake x Gak Smoovie

by Dank Terpenes

Glowing neon pink and accentuated with purple, orange, and yellow pastels, Dank Terpenes Wedding Cake Smoovie is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain bursting with classic Wedding Cake flavour. Offering uplifting relaxation and potent therapeutic properties, Dank Terpenes Wedding Cake Smoovie high-quality regular seeds are a vibrant addition for any grower.

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Wedding Cake Smoovie Strain Genetics 

Dank Terpenes Wedding Cake Smoovie marijuana seeds combine the awesome pedigree of Wedding Cake with the mysterious GAK Smoovie. With a storied lineage that includes Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, and OG Kush, Wedding Cake is famous for its sweet cream and citrus aromas and impressive relaxation potential.

On the other side of Wedding Cake Smoovie genetics, Gak Smoovie from California’s Dying Breed Seed Bank is a terp-heavy child of GAK and 4 Locoz, with much of its additional genetics, kept secret. What is known is the strain features, progenitors of Afghani and Skunk, with incredible flavours of berries and tropical fruit alongside massive resin production – traits that are generously found in Wedding Cake Smoovie cannabis seeds.

Wedding Cake Smoovie Strain Terpene Profile 

Aptly named, Wedding Cake Smoovie aromas are a creamy blend of lemon and mangoes, bolstered by sweet vanilla and pungent fuel vapours. When smoked, expect the sweetness to remain heavy while fruity vanilla and gas fill the room.

Wedding Cake Smoovie dominant terpenes are similar to its Cake heritage. Beta-caryophyllene is in abundant supply, entouraging with the rest of its unique terpenes and cannabinoids to create the sweet vanilla aromas and creamy undertones. Additionally, limonene and myrcene are responsible for the abundant fruit presence, ranging from bright citrus to tropical mango.   

Wedding Cake Smoovie Strain Effects

Full of indica potency, Wedding Cake Smoovie seeds are sought for their notable relaxing qualities. Producing a heavy body high, this strain is a great treat to enjoy while unwinding after a busy day. Sativa effects are low, but limonene helps keep the mind clear and uplifted, resulting in feelings of euphoric happiness.

Wedding Cake Smoovie THC levels are unknown at this time, but they are reported to be high. Effects should arrive quickly and last for a while, and though it can be a bit sedative, you shouldn’t find yourself glued to the couch.

Wedding Cake Smoovie Strain Medical Benefits 

Growers love Wedding Cake Smoovie medical seeds for their excellent painkilling properties and overall feeling of therapeutic calm. Though CBD levels are low, beta-caryophyllene can bond with CB2 receptors, triggering pain relief throughout the body alongside anti-inflammatory measures. 

Additionally, the high THC levels and the blend of myrcene and limonene within Wedding Cake Smoovie seeds deliver impressive mental clarity and relaxation, allowing peace to settle across the mind. The high THC content also acts as a sleep aid, as well as reducing nausea.

How to Grow Wedding Cake Smoovie Strain 

Information on growing Dank Terpenes Wedding Cake Smoovie is limited. It should follow similar grow styles to most indoor/outdoor indica-style cannabis plants, but as these aren’t feminized, first-time growers might have their hands a bit too full when it comes time to remove male plants. 

Once flower production is assured, Wedding Cake Smoovie yields are moderately high. Growers experienced with proper nutrition additions and hands-on techniques, including low-stress training, may boost yields even higher.

Following a rapid flowering time of just eight to nine weeks, delightful shades of pink, red, orange, purple, and yellow will creep across the plant as it matures until it just about glows beneath its beautiful rainbow foliage. Once the colours begin, expect buds to grow into nugs of frosty-white trichomes, covered in aromatic resin that reeks of hashy gas and sweet citrus-vanilla.