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Raise those lighters in the air and get ready to rock and roll all night because Dead Band – a revolutionary three-piece Kush hybrid from the Dank Terpenes seedbank – is ready for its debut release!

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Dead Band Genetic Profile

After years of practice and perseverance, the Dank Terpenes have finally discovered their marijuana magnum opus. Not to be confused with Headband – the famous OG Kush x Sour Diesel duo – Dead Band marijuana seeds are a cannabis collaboration like no other. Dead Band lineage combines Deadhead – a potent Chemdawg x SFV OG cross – with Lostcoast OG – a mix of Chemdawg, Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai – and finally Sweatband 707 – a Sour Diesel x OG Kush x Master Kush threeway – into a formidable indica-dominant headliner with a hard and heavy approach.  

Make no mistake – this high THC/low CBD strain ain’t no tribute act! Now available from MGS as regular seeds, expect pungent pine and petrol flavours, punishing psychoactive effects, and an excellent performance indoors or out from this spotlight-stealing up-and-comer. 

Dead Band Strain Terpene Profile

This aromatic plant’s future fanbase is all but guaranteed. Dead Band flavour profile is coursing with an earthy chemical funk that OG Kush loves are going to go crazy for. Representing one of the most popular strains in Dank Terpenes’ latest lineup, it’s also the strongest-smelling. Its eye-watering diesel pine aroma is incredibly invasive and will require proper filtration if growing inside and smell-proof bags when storing. On the tongue, the strain provides a fuel-heavy flavour with echoes of pine, pleasant skunk, blueberry and hashish hints when exhaled.

Caryophyllene is Dead Band dominant terpene. Scientists have yet to identify a single compound responsible for the chemically flavours found in cannabis, but it is thought it be a combination of this and other earthier terpenes like humulene and myrcene. Sharper-smelling terps like geraniol and terpinolene also contribute, all of which also possess a unique physiological impact, resulting in a rich orchestra of psychoactive effects when consumed. 

Dead Band Strain Effects

This seasoned performer has strong OG Kush influences, but its psychoactive style also pays homage to its heirloom roots. This has resulted in a balanced, stimulating high that shouldn’t make you too sleepy. Dead Band’s euphoric effects begin with a soaring sativa buzz that inspires creativity and focus before bringing down the tempo to a more relaxing level. Its sedative encore provides a level of leisure that calms but doesn’t couchlock, allowing users to enjoy its influence throughout the day without too much cause for concern.

Based on its parents’ lofty THC levels, Dead Band THC content could easily reach around 19-20% if cultivated correctly. Its stimulating effects won’t be to everyone’s taste and can easily ease edge users towards anxiety, especially in higher doses. If you prefer a more physically relaxing experience, try a strain that’s a little more forgiving on the mind.

Dead Band Strain Medical Benefits

Dead Band certainly offers plenty of potential as a dispensary-quality medical marijuana strain. If you’re feeling especially low energy or suffer from a more serious fatigue syndrome, its stimulating effects could be just the backstage pass needed to get you up and at them. As this strain lacks the stronger sedative hit that’s common to indica dominant strains, you can rest easy and raise those energy levels, all while still remaining within the waking world.

Dead Band medical benefits are also suitable for managing certain behavioural disorders. Conditions like ADHD can make it hard for some people to concentrate on more than one task at a time. This plant’s focusing effects – caused by its influence on dopamine and norepinephrine receptors – can help block out distractions and sharpen your attention to a greater degree than many prescription medications. 

How to Grow Dead Band Strain

Growing Dead Band marijuana seeds can be done outside or indoors with relatively little effort, but due caution should be taken if opting for the former. Dead Band flowering time is around eight-nine weeks from germination, and at this time, its skunky scent may become a problem. Odour eliminating methods will be required, especially for growers cultivating several plants at once. Make sure to invest in some decent carbon filters if you’re considering the SOG or SCROG route. Fortunately, these short and squat indica-style plants don’t take up too much room and produce plenty of high-quality, trichome-wreathed bud once fully grown.

Dead Band cannabis seeds yields are pretty decent on their own but can be increased even further if training techniques are introduced early in the growth cycle. This also applies to its terpene and THC content. If you’re looking for a standout performance from these regular seeds, doing your research can really maximize your garden’s potential and result in a higher-quality end product come harvest time.