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Lemonaid OG x Sour Dubble

by Dank Genetics

A super tart marijuana treat that’s apt to make your tongue tingle, Sour Lemonaid is a punchy and productive indica-dominant strain from the Dank Genetics that’s a perfect choice for fans of OG Kush variants.

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Sour Lemonaid Strain Genetics

Riffing on the OG Kush format, Sour Lemonaid feminized cannabis seeds combine this iconic strain’s legendary lemony flavours with relaxing but mentally active psychoactive effects that last for hours. Crafted by US-based breeders Dank Genetics, it’s high yielding, easy to grow, and intensely potent in impact, exhibiting all the qualities one looks for in a top-shelf high THC, low CBD cannabis strain.

Sour Lemonaid lineage combines DNA from a Sour Dubble clone with Lemonaid OG – a Dank Genetics bestseller released from their award-winning seedbank back in 2010 to worldwide acclaim. Available now as female seeds from MGS, this tart and tasty cannabis sensation makes an excellent choice for beginners and expert growers alike.

Sour Lemonaid Strain Terpene Profile

Prepare to pucker up as Sour Lemonaid flavour and aroma lives up to its name. Fans of OG Kush are bound to recognise its intense lemon scent and floral taste, which features strong earthy undertones, herbal accents, and that classic gassy aftertaste that’s characteristic of the Kush family. 

This flavour concoction becomes even more potent when extracted from the cannabis resin and concentrated. Terpenes give marijuana plants their taste and smell, and those wishing to make the most out of Sour Lemonaid dominant terpenes, which include limonene and caryophyllene, should consider extraction techniques for an even better aromatic experience.

Sour Lemonaid Strain Effects

Sour Lemonaid effects are multipurpose, long-lasting, and strong enough to satisfy experienced consumers. Powerful and very relaxing, with a euphoric sativa-leaning kick for good measure, its balanced high is ideal for socialising, chilling on the couch or sharing with good company, but be careful not to overindulge, or your social buzz might quickly turn sedentary.

Sour Lemonaid THC level is high, and although we don’t know its exact concentration, users can expect an intensely psychoactive experience regardless of their experience. Though suitable for daytime smoking, low-tolerance users should moderate their consumption to ensure their good time doesn’t take a wrong turn.

Sour Lemonaid strain Medical Benefits

As their name suggests, Sour Lemonaid medical seeds can be used as a powerful curative. An excellent social stimulant, its high levels of limonene make them a perfect option for curbing social anxiety and those of a more introverted nature or suffering from anxiety disorders may find this facet of particular benefit.

Physical stress is also no match for Sour Lemonaid strain medical benefits. This time, it’s THC and caryophyllene that play the active role, and, working together via the entourage effect, these two chemicals can reduce pain and inflammation.

How to Grow Sour Lemonaid Strain

This tangy cultivar is a heavy producer that thrives both in and outside. Indoors, Sour Lemonaid yields range between 500-600g/m2, and these can be boosted further with SOG, SCROG or other professional techniques that make use of its heavy branching. Those thinking of growing Sour Lemonaid seeds in a natural environment can expect harvests of up to 600g per plant but should watch out for mould or damp conditions due to its compactness.

Producing medium-sized, indica-typical plants with purple hues and large rocky buds, these Lemonaid OG x Sour Dubble feminized seeds are an excellent option for beginners but especially suitable for extract artists. Sour Lemonaid flowering time is nine weeks from germination, and during this phase of rapid bud growth, the plant’s trichomes ooze with valuable oils that can be extracted or concentrated to produce clean, refined flavours and unique benefits that you won’t find from traditional consumption.