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Do-Si-Dos x Sour Dubble

by Dank Genetics

Dank Genetics’ Sour Dosidos has a deep lineage, a rich terpene profile, a high THC content, and an incredible high. This high quality, indica-dominant hybrid is easy to grow with a fast flowering time, making it an excellent strain for beginner and veteran growers alike.

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Sour Dosidos Strain Genetics

The genetic profile of these Dank Genetics feminised cannabis seeds is a combination of impressive High Times Cannabis Cup winning strains, with Do-Si-Dos Norcal cut (OGKB x Face Off OG) on one side and Sour Dubble (East Coast Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble) on the other. This lineage creates durable cannabis plants and high yields, but that’s just the beginning.

Also handed down in the lineage are a potent THC level, a detailed and complex bouquet and flavour profile, and a psychedelic high. The parents may be cup winners and seedbank centrepieces, but this cannabis strain has the potential to surpass them both!

Sour Dosidos Strain Terpene Profile

The genetics of this marijuana strain results in a sweet and sour flavour profile with fruity, earthy goodness under the surface. The Sour Dosidos dominant terpenes are headlined by myrcene, which adds that earthy kush aroma, and limonene, the reason for the sour citrus fruit tingle on the inhale.

Also present are pleasing floral notes that are likely to come from linalool, while the sweet and hoppy touches, especially on the exhale, are a sign that humulene is doing its work too. Complex, detailed, rich, and beautiful, the flavours and scents here are phenomenal and reminiscent of the Cali connection in the heritage.

Sour Dosidos Strain Effects

Potency is the name of the game here. The high THC level (around 20%) ensures a fast-acting, long-lasting high, and it’s quite a high! Psychedelic, euphoric, relaxing, and cerebral, the effects from these hybrid strain ticks all the boxes!

That said, this is not a daytime strain, the creative juices will flow, but it is not the most energising buzz, the full-body relaxation is perfect for early evening, however, A beautiful strain for just after dinner, when you’re ready to kick back and chill all the way to bedtime!

Sour Dosidos Strain Medical Benefits

Many fans of Sour Dubb speak of the potential the strain has for assisting ADHD symptoms, and those potential medical benefit may exist in Sour Dosidos too. The relaxation for body and mind, without maintaining a happy mood, can be perfect for those living with ADD and associated symptoms.

Another possible benefit of this medical marijuana comes from the cannabinoid and terpene combination, which may help relieve symptoms of depression. Again it is the lightening of mood that makes the difference here, working with the endocannabinoid system to help to alleviate depression symptoms in long and short-term cases and generally improve mood.

How to Grow Sour Dosidos Strain Seeds

Easy and fast, growing these fem marijuana seeds is a treat, even for beginner gardeners. Indoor growers can expect a yield of up to 500g/m2 in as little as nine weeks from germination, with occasional pruning of the relatively tall marijuana plants the only necessity beyond light changes.

Outdoor growers may find these Sour Dosidos feminized seeds do not enjoy cooler weather, so a greenhouse is recommended in most climates. As long as the cannabis plants stay reasonably warm, they will grow thick with heavy buds in dark greens with a fantastic array of coloured pistils, wearing a resinous coat of crystal trichomes. In the 1st-2nd week of October, harvest time will be announced by a sour bubblegum smell emanating from these beautiful plants.