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Sour Dubble x Mad Dawg

by Dank Genetics

Cannaisseur’s far and wide will go crazy for Mad Sours – an indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders at Dank Genetics that hides a psychoactive twist behind its tangy lemon taste.

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Mad Sours Strain Genetics

These Mad Sours feminized seeds are a mix of a Dank Genetics bestseller and a classic top-shelf marijuana hybrid, giving them a leg up in the genetical sense. 

Sour Dubble is the star player in this production. Partnering perfectly with Mad Dawg, a sativa-dominant mix of Lemon Alien Dawg and Starfighter from the Dank Genetics back catalogue, this Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble hybrid gives Mad Sours its tart diesel flavours and combination of mental and physical effects, resulting in a balanced indica-dominant strain that makes a significant impact.

Mad Sours Strain Terpene Profile

Lemon and citrus take the dominant role in the appropriately named Mad Sours, which boasts a tangy flavour profile that’ll wrinkle your nose and tingle your taste receptors. Limonene, along with terpinolene terpenes, which can be found in high levels in both its parent plants, are the cause for this sour fruit aesthetic, which is further refined with diesel accents, earth and pine aromas, and sweet, minty undertones.

Myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene share some of the responsibility for the strain’s appealing flavour and these compounds also boast plenty of physiological effects, adding to its overall impact and making Mad Sours a prime candidate for medical usage. 

Mad Sours Strain Effects

Mad Sours may be indica-dominant, but thanks to its varied lineage, it produces a range of dreamy and physical effects. Mad Dawg, its potent sativa-leaning parent, provides a subtle, but uplifting jolt of cerebral energy, while Sour Dubble lends the strain its psychoactive versatility, which presents as a mix of bodily relaxation and mental serenity.

As with all strains from the Dank Genetics seeds company, Mad Sours can be intense if overused. However, thanks to its stimulating qualities, it can generally be enjoyed at leisure and throughout the day, making it a great starting strain for newcomers, but potent enough to satisfy experienced users.

Mad Sours Medical Benefits

A high THC, low CBD content and complex terpene profile lend Mad Sours the qualities that make for a great natural medicine. Gentle enough to be consumed day-to-day, it can be used effectively to treat chronic and long term illness, especially conditions like anxiety. The calming effects of terpinolene are great for easing unsettled minds and bodies, and limonene terpenes are known to have a similar impact.

Furthermore, the uplifting qualities of these medical seeds may also be useful for managing fatigue, both mental and physical, as Mad Sours won’t make you crash out like many other cannabis strains.

How to Grow Mad Sours Strain

Mad Sours is an incredibly versatile and voracious cannabis strain, taking only 8-9 weeks from germination to fully flower. Like Sour Dubble, its buds are dense and covered white trichomes, giving off a pungent smell that may become a problem for growers seeking discretion. This can easily be countered with proper filtration, and whether cultivated indoors or outdoors, growers of any experience will be delighted with the fast and generous yields of this fantastic feminized plant.

As a feminized variety, Mad Sours is easier to grow than many regular strains, requiring little maintenance or expertise to cultivate. You’d be absolutely mad to miss this opportunity, so MGS recommends grabbing these high-quality cannabis seeds now while they’re still available.