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Sour Dubble x Atomic OG

by Dank Genetics

A nuclear-powered monster from the Dank Genetics Seeds company, Atomic Sour packs tangy diesel flavours, brain-buzzing cerebral effects, and plenty of potent medicinal potential into a single sativa-dominant, cannabis strain

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Atomic Sour Strain Genetics

From Dank Genetics, Atomic Sour is a tangy sativa-dominant delight. Click here to buy Atomic Sour seeds…One of many sativa hybrids to recently emerge from the Dank Genetics seed bank, Atomic Sour cannabis seeds stand out in particular due to their prestigious and heavy-hitting heritage, giving them an edge over their contemporaries.

Atomic OG is a mutant mash-up that crosses Chemdawg and classic OG Kush marijuana genetics with THC Bomb, resulting in ferocious, fuel and forest flavoured strain that really brings the heat. Atomic Sour pairs this indica-dominant powerhouse with Sour Dubble, a pungent sweet and sour mix of top-shelf legend Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble. Blended together, these two gas giants give this feminised plant a range of head and bodily effects, great growth genetics including a rapid flowering period, and a tangy chemical flavour.

Atomic Sour Strain Terpene Profile

Atomic Sour gets its fuel flavours and acerbic aftertaste from a specific blend of aromatic compounds known as terpenes. Beta-caryophyllene is primarily the cause of the former, while limonene, nerolidol, and myrcene terpenes, passed down via Sour Dubble, provide the strain’s sour flavours and fruity finish.

Expect a dominant diesel aroma mixed with pine and exotic spice, a throwback of its Kush and Diesel DNA, and a comparable taste that’s equal parts fuel and citrus fruit. While it’s super sour flavours might make your mouth water, a sugary aftertaste takes the edge off a little, while giving Atomic Sour an addictive quality cannabis connoisseurs will find impossible to resist.

Atomic Sour Strain Effects

Atomic Sour inherits a range of potent effects from its ancestors, including the paralysing body highs of OG Kush and Sour Dubble’s euphoric buzz. As a high THC, low CBD sativa-dominant cultivar, its primary impact is on the mind, and users can expect long-lasting and explosive cerebral effects before settling into a state of calming relaxation.

Due to its intense initial hit, which is particularly powerful, this Dank Genetics heavyweight should be consumed with caution and avoided by those with a low THC tolerance. Its also best to clear your schedule if planning to enjoy Atomic Sour, as its dreamlike effects can easily lead the mind astray.

Atomic Sour Medical Benefits

Atomic Sour’s long-lasting psychoactive effects make it a prime candidate for medical marijuana patients. Evaporating stress and worries, its high levels of THC, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene make these medical seeds an excellent treatment for anxiety disorders. Furthermore, studies have shown that nerolidol, which is found in high levels in sour diesel strains such as this, can reduce anxiety in mice and may have a similar impact on the human nervous system.

Along with its use as a powerful parasite preventative, nerolidol, along with myrcene, can also act as a sedative, meaning these female seeds may help those with sleep disorders like insomnia drift off without resorting to traditional medications.

How to Grow Atomic Sour Strain

Be prepared for rapid growth, especially during the early stages, as Atomic Sour feminized seeds inherit the vigorousness of their OG Kush ancestor. Though suitable for almost all setups, substrates and climates, indoors growers should ensure adequate carbon filtration or other ventilation methods to help mask its powerful smell, which is pungent and less than discreet. 

As a sativa leaning photoperiod strain, its growth is predominantly vertical, but pruning and training methods may produce bushier plants. Yielding plenty of fat, healthy buds that burst shades of pale green, this Atomic OG x Sour Dubble crossbreed has an indoor flowering time of 9 weeks from germination and cultivators can expect healthy harvests of 400-500g per m2 or over 600g for an outdoor harvest.