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by Crockett Family Farm

Born from three tangy cannabis titans, SSOG is a highly-productive OG Kush creation from Crockett Family Farms with an acerbic taste and heavy-handed indica effects.


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SSOG Strain Genetics

The SSOG strain lineage is Kush heavy and formed from three tried and tested marijuana classics, specially selected by the Crockett Family Farms seedbank for their formidable production rates and tangy flavours. DNA from the original OG Kush and its cannabis cup-winning derivative The OG #18 has been combined with the legendary Super Silver Haze, resulting in a high yielding, super sour indica hybrid with a range of powerful psychoactive effects.

As a feminised variety, SSOG marijuana seeds are also easy to grow and fast flowering, making this the perfect high-powered starting strain for newcomers to the world of cannabis cultivation. Now available from MGS, OG Kush fans won’t want to miss this great addition to the family. 

SSOG Strain Terpene Profile

SSOG flavour and aroma is extremely acidic. Its tart terpene profile mixes the sour citrus tang of Chemdawg with a traditional Kush aesthetic, diesel accents, and a penetrating chemical bite. Discerning consumers may also notice subtler accents of smoky incense and exotic herbs hidden beneath its dominant flavours.

A medley of chemical compounds like limonene, terpinolene and linalool are partly responsible for this pheno’s funk smell, but SSOG dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene, which also play a significant role in providing its heady indica impact.

SSOG Strain Effects

SSOG effects are pronounced and powerful, and users familiar with the potency of its OG Kush forefather are sure to recognise the psychoactive similarities. As an indica-leaning cultivar, it hits with intense physical relaxation, but also psychedelic euphoria on account of its sativa genetics, exemplifying the versatility of hybrid strains.   

SSOG THC levels are very high, and like its Kush cousins, overindulgence can quickly melt the body and mind of the inexperienced. As such, moderation is advised, and we also recommend saving consumption for the evening, when the possibility of couchlock is likely to be less of a concern.

SSOG Strain Medical Benefits

OG Kush is a timeless classic, famed for its medical properties, and globally recognised by dispensaries around the world as one of the most effective medical cannabis varieties available. As its close descendant, SSOG medical seeds inherit many of the same active compounds that helped it gain its reputation, particularly its myrcene and high THC, low CBD content.

These two chemicals, along with others locked within these feminized seeds, work together in synergy to create a powerful painkilling effect along with the sedative influence that comes to characterise the Kush phenotype. This makes SSOG arguably even more effective than its parent strains and ideal for treating both pain and sleep conditions like insomnia.

How to Grow SSOG Strain

Kush strains are especially hardy and can be cultivated in most environments with little hassle. Therefore, growing SSOG seeds is an excellent idea for novices who are yet to try their hands at more challenging cannabis strains. Alternatively, expert growers may want to consider the SCROG method to take advantage of their vigorous growth. This is a particularly pungent strain, so to remain discreet, the use of carbon filters is recommended to deal with its funk smell. 

Producing slender, bushy plants with dank, compact buds coated in a thick layer of shiny white trichomes, SSOG yields can reach 600g per plant outside or 450-500g per m2 if grown indoors and its resin production level doesn’t disappoint. A quick flowering time of 8-9 weeks from germination ensures swift results whatever the season from these feminised cannabis seeds.