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Lemon G x Grape Pie Bx

by Cannarado Genetics

Lemon Slushee is a citrus-heavy masterpiece from the Cannarado Genetics seedbank. A balanced indica-sativa hybrid, the crystal-coated, high THC content buds offer a blissful, uplifting high with a chill and relaxed undertone.

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Lemon Slushee Strain Genetics

Lemon Slushee gets its lemon side from Lemon G, a descendant of the legendary and storied G13, which, according to rumour, was liberated from an FBI testing facility in the 60s. Less enigmatic but equally impressive is the other parent of these regular cannabis seeds, Grape Pie Bx (Cherry Pie x Grape Stomper).

The result of these deep marijuana genetics is an array of fabulous, fruity flavours and grower-friendly traits such as a fast flowering time and high yields.

Lemon Slushee Strain Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of Lemon Slushee is so strong that it necessitates anti-odour techniques during growth. The positive of this is the delightful blend of tastes and aromas that scintillate the senses during use. The most dominant terp present is limonene, which is the reason for the potent, pungent, citrus-lemon taste, especially on the inhale.

Also found here is myrcene, which is apparent on exhale, providing an earthy taste and a kush-like herbal scent. Caryophyllene adds some peppery, spicy tingles on the inhale, while the exhale is enhanced by the piney, forest tones of pinene, giving a fresh and revitalising sensation to the exhale.

Lemon Slushee Strain Effects

A two-stage buzz, the initial, fast-acting effects of this Cannarado Genetics Seed Company Lemon Slushee cannabis strain are uplifting and euphoric. A cheerful, happy buzz perfect for the early evening, which should result in a chatty, giggly mood that suits time spent with friends and loved ones.

After a while, this upbeat state will dissipate to be replaced by the second phase of the high, a relaxed, near-sedating feeling that should lead to a peaceful and comfortable sleep. Thanks to a THC level up near 20%, a little goes a long way here. If timed right, this Lemon G x Grape Pie Bx strain can carry you from post-work social activities through to bedtime.

Lemon Slushee Strain Medical Benefits

The lineage of this cannabis strain is steeped in marijuana potential, so it’s no surprise consumers have reported similar benefits here. The cannabinoids and terpenes present are thought to work together with the endocannabinoid system to aid numerous ailments, including reducing nausea, as a singular problem and as a symptom of a more significant issue.

The uplifting yet relaxing effects of this Lemon G x Grape Pie strain may also alleviate the symptoms and effects of anxiety-related conditions, improving mood, reducing stress levels, and supporting sleep.

How to Grow Lemon Slushee Strain Seeds

Those growing these Lemon Slushee seeds indoors will be delighted with the rapid eight-week flowering time from germination, especially considering the yield, which should reach near 600 gr/m2 and the thick coat of trichomes over the nugs, perfect for all resin extraction techniques. Not much pruning is necessary with the small branches, so SCROG methods work well, as will SOG if light pruning is used to harvest the large, central buds.

Make sure if you’re growing indoors to use odour-neutralising techniques because these plants get pungent! That’s why many growers favour outdoor growing or discreet greenhouses for these regular marijuana seeds (autoflowering and female seeds not available). Outside, you’ll have to wait until mid-October for harvest time, but with upwards of 900g per plant, that’s forgivable! When ready, the dense, dank, lime green buds are beautiful to see, but it’s hard to tell under all that resin!