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Skunk x Diesel

by Big Monster Seeds

The crowning jewel of the Big Monster Seed company’s small but powerful back-catalogue, Cannape is an indica-dominant allrounder that marries two classic cannabis families, providing a gentle, relaxing effect, an iconic two-part flavour, and complementary cultivating qualities that make it an excellent introductory strain for fledgling marijuana growers and consumers alike.

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Cannape Genetic Profile

They may be new to the scene, but Big Monster Seeds have already made waves with their small but highly curated selection of wholly original marijuana strains. Cannape marijuana seeds are one of the flagships of the seed bank’s exclusive collection and offer easy, fuss-free growth for breeders of all abilities.

Blending genetics from two cream of the crop cannabis classics, this mostly indica/sativa hybrid hits all the right notes, taking it back to basics with a candy-laced afghani terpene profile and plants that are perfect for potted growth.

Cannape lineage isn’t especially complicated, but this Skunk x Diesel blend has everything that’s needed to produce quality indica-leaning cannabis at home. Available now from MGS as feminized cannabis seeds, this tasty cannabis combo won’t blow your head off or cause complications in the garden, making it the growers choice for first-time planters.

Cannape Terpene Profile

Cannape flavour profile fuses elements from each of its fan favourite parent plants. Expect an extra level of pungency from this terp-rich cultivar and a skunky sour scent that’s mixed with sinus-stinging petrol aromas and a moreish sugary undertone. A rich candy taste combined with peppery Afghan kush spice adds a further dimension to its flavour, along with a herbaceous, grassy aftertaste that pairs very well with a vaporizer.

Cannape dominant terpenes are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, as expected from a cannabis strain of its heritage. While the herby sweet and sour tastes of myrcene and limonene are most associated with skunk strains, diesel strains are often linked to earthier, more nuanced terps like terpinolene, caryophyllene, and ocimene. Depending on a strain’s specific terpene content, these different combinations of chemicals can cause different responses in the human body and brain, giving them a wealth of potent medicinal properties.

Cannape Strain Effects

Cannape effects are medium in strength and long-lasting. It has a moderately high THC content that won’t send you hurtling through the stratosphere or straight off to dreamland, but its pleasant lingering effects are great for some chilled recreational enjoyment with friends. Offering a light cerebral uplift and an inspiring, happy and relaxed feeling in both body and mind, its largely indica-dominant effects will become more sedative as the experience begins to wind down, but nothing too intense as to interrupt your day.

Cannape THC content is an easy-going 18% on average, although there are ways growers may be able to increase this number even higher. As well as being delicious and easy to grow, its moderate effect is suitable for users of all tolerances and may serve as a suitable introduction for novice users to the world of cannabis consumption.

Cannape Medical Benefits

Marijuana grown from Cannape cannabis seeds makes for the perfect pre-dinner enticer. Just like the decorative hors d’oeuvres from which it takes its name, this strain is an excellent appetite stimulant. THC and limonene are known to promote the production of ghrelin – a hormone that tells us when we’re hungry – making this strain ideal if you’re struggling with an eating disorder like anorexia or suffering from chronic nausea.

Cannape medical benefits are also suitable for treating generalised stress and anxiety disorders. High THC strains may exacerbate anxiety levels, but as this pheno’s effect is gentle and ideal for daytime use, it won’t cause undue stress by reducing motivation or productivity levels. Instead, it actually clear cluttered minds and help exhausted patients find their calming centre.

How to Grow Cannape Strain

Thanks to its size and speed, growing Cannape marijuana seeds in pots is ideal for indoor growers who are short of space and time. If you choose to plant directly in the ground, these female seeds prefer a warm Mediterranean climate and can grow between 1-1.5m if no training techniques are used, and they’re given enough light and nutrients.

Expect a classic indica-dominant bud structure with plenty of chunky dark green calyxes with sharp amber trichomes. If you’re growing for commercial purposes, this photoperiod pheno will adapt readily to SOG and SCROG, which is a wonderful option for producing big harvests in smaller grow rooms.

Cannape´s flowering time is another of its biggest benefits. While autoflowering cannabis seeds may be a little easier to grow, these feminised cannabis seeds are fast. Outdoor growers can harvest in late September, indoor growers can expect their plants to flower between seven-nine weeks from germination.

To ensure the highest quality terpenes from your plants, we recommend using a high-quality substrate, plenty of nutrients, and keeping a careful watch on light penetration as flowers begin to grow bigger. Cannape yields are another critical selling point of this premier Big Monster breed, and growers can expect an average yield of anything up to 500g per/m2.