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Big Head 1 x Gorilla Glue #4

by Big Head Seeds

One of the Big Head Seeds company’s most potent ever cannabis blends, Trippy Gorilla is a ferocious beast of a hybrid, with potent sativa-dominant like effects and a monstrous THC level of up to 28%, making it one of the strongest strains on the market today. Available as feminized seeds, Big Head Seeds Trippy Gorilla is easy to grow, incredibly strong and provides a bountiful harvest of huge resinous buds.

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Trippy Gorilla Genetics

In a simple, but effective, pairing, Big Head Seeds have crossbred their beloved Big Head #1 strain with a clone of the award-winning and favourite in seeds bank’s across the globe, Gorilla Glue #4 to create the wonderful Trippy Gorilla strain

Gorilla Glue #4, sometimes known as GG4 or Original Glue, is easily the GG family’s most popular phenotype and lends Trippy Gorilla the same heavy-handed impact that ensured its worldwide notoriety.

Available in feminised seeds, Trippy Gorilla inherits additional growth benefits from Big Head #1. Known for its fast-flowering offspring, this signature strain is also responsible for Trippy Gorilla’s excellent yields and dense bud formation.

Trippy Gorilla Terpene Profile

Despite its impressive lineage, which includes some of the most pungent Diesel varieties available, Bigheads Trippy Gorilla lacks the typically chemical flavour that distinguishes similar Diesel strains. Instead, its taste is fruity and refreshing, with limonene providing this Trippy Gorilla strain plenty of citrus bite. 

Expect a sweet and sharp mix of citric scents and flavours from this delightfully tasty cannabis strain, undercut by a crisp, menthol accent courtesy of alpha-pinene. High levels of caryophyllene lend a peppery finish, further rounding out its pleasant flavour profile of this tangy hybrid.

Trippy Gorilla Effects

With THC levels reaching as high as 28%, Trippy Gorilla represents one of the strongest strains on the market, accompanied by the kind of heady psychoactive impact you might expect from a plant with such an impressive genetic lineage. 

The hybrid’s sativa dominant effects deliver an intense cerebral buzz that leaves users feeling uplifted before a paralyzing sense of relaxation kicks in. These qualities make Trippy Gorilla perfect for bedtime use or for unwinding after a long and stressful day. 

Like its parent plant, this sativa seed can a little be ferocious and should be treated with the utmost respect. For those of low tolerance, this is one high-powered hybrid that should be avoided altogether. 

Trippy Gorilla Medical Benefits

THC is a highly psychoactive substance that can produce a variety of therapeutic effects. With the THC level so abundant in Trippy Gorilla feminized cannabis, this particular hybridised strain offers plenty of potential for users of medical marijuana.

Those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation may find relief from the plant’s medical marijuana genetics, with the presence of caryophyllene and pinene increasing THC’s pain-relieving effects. 

How to Grow Trippy Gorilla

With outstanding growth credentials obtained from both the cup winners in its DNA genetics, Trippy Gorilla cannabis seeds are easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, though some plant training may be required for those with limited space.

These feminized seeds ravenous nature means a good liquid feed is essential, and when provided with plenty of nutrients, mindful cultivators can expect huge yields of 600-740 gr/m2 in just eight weeks.

Producing mint-green, huge resinous chunky buds, Head Seeds Trippy Gorilla marijuana seeds can be a little more temperamental than other sativa dominant cultivars. However, with a little extra love and TLC, you’ll soon be swimming in gloriously high levels of THC!