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Bruce Banner x Grandaddy Purple

by Big Head Seeds

A monstrous mix of two superpowered strains, Grandaddy Banner, is an indica-dominant hybrid from the Big Head Seeds co that boasts an incredibly potent impact with a remarkable THC level pushing an outstanding 28%.

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Grandaddy Banner Strain Genetics

As their name suggests, Grandaddy Banner feminized cannabis seeds are a mash-up of Bruce Banner and Granddaddy Purple, aka GDP, combining the best qualities of both of these powerhouse strains into a single monstrous marijuana hybrid.  

While Bruce Banner, an OG Kush phenotype with an impact worthy of its comic book namesake, lends this marijuana strain its titanic THC level, Grandaddy Banner’s dominant traits come from GDP, a seeds bank legend across the globe. This beautiful, berry-flavoured hybrid was bred for massive yields and its colourful hues and lends its offspring many of the same desirable qualities.

The result is a truly outstanding hybrid strain that harnesses the best qualities of its impressive award-winning predecessors. 

Grandaddy Banner Strain Terpene Profile

A complex array of aromatic compounds are responsible for Grandaddy Banner’s nuanced flavour profile. Grape and berry aromas passed down through Purple Urkle via its parent plant, are discernible, but mostly masked by an intense earthy fragrance likely gained from caryophyllene. 

Myrcene, humulene, and alpha-pinene terpenes also have a part to play, lending this cannabis strain a floral taste that’s sweetened with vanilla and subtle citrus notes that linger on the exhale. One for flavour chasers, these sweet seeds from the Big Head Seeds are truly a taste sensation not to be missed.     

Grandaddy Banner Strain Effects

Designed by the strain hunters at the Big Head seeds company for users with a high tolerance, Grandaddy Banner hits harder and heavier than your average marijuana strain. Its devastating impact, the result of its Grandaddy Purple parentage and soaring THC levels of 20-28%, ensures glorious levels of euphoria, happiness, and sociability, making it ideal for sharing with friends. However, these strong cerebral effects soon give way to a blissful state of sedation than can easily floor the inexperienced.

As such, we recommend novice cannabis users moderate their dosage as this potent hybrid can overwhelm even the more experienced consumer. But for those seeking a marijuana strain with plenty of muscle, this powerhouse is the perfect contender.

Grandaddy Banner Strain Medical Benefits

A super high THC level, coupled with the presence of myrcene makes Grandaddy Banner feminized seeds an interesting choice for medical marijuana patients. Working together, these chemical compounds have the potential to reduce nausea and stimulate appetite centres in the brain.

Patients suffering from stress and chronic pains may also find their symptoms reduced by the analgesic and anxiety-busting qualities of these medical-grade feminized marijuana seeds. 

How to Grow Grandaddy Banner Strain Seeds

Although Grandaddy Banner is an indica-dominant strain, its appearance is closer to a more typical sativa cultivar. Borrowing most of its characteristics from Grandaddy Purple, these feminized cannabis seeds produce medium-sized plants loaded with either green and amber or deep purple buds, dependent on the phenotype. 

This ravenous plant also requires a little extra love and care than your average cannabis strain. Suitable for all environments, cultivators looking to boost height and yields should opt for a nutrient-rich fertilizer to satisfy these feminized seeds insatiable hunger.

With Grandaddy Banner feminized seeds, optimum growing conditions can produce satisfying yields of up to 400g/m2. While lower than other high-yielding strains, these numbers are more than satisfactory when considering this plant’s colossal THC level.