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Alien Technology x Gorilla Glue #4

by Big Head Seeds

A child of the legendary Gorilla Glue, Alien Gorilla, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain from Big Head Seeds that provides euphoric, yet focused effects, ideal for inspiring bouts of creativity.  High yielding and fast flowering, Alien Gorilla presents bright green, resin-coated buds that are, as the name might suggest, truly out of this world. 

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Alien Gorilla Strain Genetics

It is fair to say that Alien Gorilla gives credit to both mother strains in its lineage, Alien Technology, an up and coming Afghani landrace strain with a potent buzz, and legendary cup winner Gorilla Glue #4, also known as Original Glue which is famed for its powerful, couch-lock causing effects.

Gorilla Glue #4 is a potent legend in seeds banks across the US and Canada, while Alien Technology is still (suitably) something of a mystery in the world of seeds, but this indica landrace cannabis strain is a parent of numerous popular strains including Alien Dawg and Alien Cookies.

Alien Gorilla Strain Terpene Profile

Merging the terpene profiles of its potent parents, Alien Gorilla has a skunky hash-like aroma that leads to pleasant earthy tones, reminiscent of famed US west coast strains (inherited from its Gorilla Glue parent). This aroma is likely to be created by a blend of two terpenes, myrcene, providing the herbal basecoat, and caryophyllene, which spices up the scent.

Caryophyllene isn’t the only terpene leaving a tingle on the tongue, however, as a drifting citrus touch suggests the presence of limonene, adding a fruity flavour and fragrance to this fantastic indica dominant strain.

Alien Gorilla Strain Effects

Euphoria and creativity are the main effects of this indica-dominant hybrid strain. While the THC level (over 20%) is potent and fast-acting, thanks to the balance of indica and sativa genetics, couch-lock is not a great concern with this hybrid strain. Instead, waves of creativity and inspiration could be yours for the taking.

Granted, you may not be able to immediately act on these inspirations, as a relaxed, full-body buzz combines with the focused mental state, as with the high THC strains in the genetics of Alien Gorilla cannabis seeds to provide consumers with delightfully balanced feelings of creativity and tranquillity. 

Alien Gorilla Strain Medical Benefits

Limonene and the high THC level present here work together to give Alien Gorilla the potential to aid those living with sleeping disorders such as insomnia. The relaxed and chilled high that comes with this cannabis strain makes it a perfect choice to aid with sleep, similar to mother plant Alien Technology.

Alien Gorilla is also a popular choice as medical seeds for those looking to grow cannabis to combat with stress-related conditions due to the potential of caryophyllene and limonene (both present in the parent’s strains) to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

How to Grow Alien Gorilla Seeds

Available as feminized seeds only, with a little bit of attention, Alien Gorilla is a fairly easy to grow strain with these cannabis seeds preferring outdoor growth in warm, Mediterranean style climates however they can also be grown in a controlled indoor environment.

A top-shelf cannabis hybrid strain that offers vigorous development, Alien Gorilla, adapts well to different cultivation systems, whether in soil, or hydroponic growing systems with both indoor and outdoor growers being rewarded with sturdy and resilient, high yielding plants.

Fast flowering, this potent hybrid strain should be ready to harvest in less than ten weeks, with a bright green colour emanating over the frosted, resin-soaked buds.