Buy Strawberry Cheesecake Auto strain seeds

Strawberry Banana Auto x Cheese Auto

by Barneys Farm

A sweet and skunky dessert strain from the folks at Barney’s Farm, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto combines deliciously decadent flavours, formidable indica effects, and incredibly fast growth into a single, easy-growing autoflowering plant.

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Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Genetic Profile

For those who like to skip straight to the dessert course, try a slice of something a little bit different with Strawberry Cheesecake Auto cannabis seeds from the Barney’s Farm seedbank. Infused with ruderalis genes for rapid automatic growth, this incredibly quick-flowering indica-dominant strain takes all the hassle out of cannabis cultivation, allowing impatient growers to achieve multiple, high-quality harvests in a single season.

Combining Strawberry Banana Auto with Cheese Auto, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto lineage allows for superfast turnovers without sacrificing yield or potency, making it highly suitable for commercial cannabis cultivators looking to double down on their production rates. With its tantalising herbaceous taste, good levels of THC, and potent stress-reducing effects, this incredible autoflower hybrid has everything you’d ever want from a psychoactive plant, so why waste any more time searching elsewhere?

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Terpene Profile

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto flavour profile blends the stinky but wonderfully sumptuous skunk notes of its Cheese ancestor with a fruity, citrus-laced appeal that makes a second helping hard to resist. Its sour smell can be a little overwhelming once this plant enters its flowering period, but due to its short life cycle, it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, even if you’re growing in a smaller indoor space.

Heavy notes of lemon, berry, and banana add a welcome sweetness to its herbaceous smell and taste, making this Strawberry Banana Auto x Cheese Auto strain a fantastic candidate for making extracts and concentrates or for smoking in a vaporiser.

The classic skunk smell of this plant will be all too familiar to long term marijuana consumers and is usually attributed to myrcene terpenes. This chemical is also found in hops, a species of flowering plant that’s used to flavour beer, which belongs to the same family as the cannabis plant. Strawberry Cheesecake Auto abundant terpenes also include other strong-smelling compounds like limonene, humulene and caryophyllene.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Strain Effects

Although a largely indica-dominant plant, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto effects range from physically relaxing to mentally uplifting. It’s not as strong as some other auto-fem varieties and can be consumed throughout the day or during the later hours, depending on your personal preference. Good for calming overactive minds while also gently numbing the body, expect a pleasant, stress-relieving high that isn’t too over-stimulating and highly suitable for first-time consumers.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto THC level is a respectable 10-15%, which doesn’t sound particularly impressive but is still more than sufficient to satisfy both experienced and novice users. Although mild enough for daytime use, even at its moderate strength, this indica/sativa strain can still bite back if you choose to overindulge, with excessive consumption increasing the likelihood of couchlock.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Medical Benefits

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto medical seeds are particularly suitable for medical growers who are suffering from stress. Mild enough for daytime use but still relaxing for both body and mind, the strain’s subduing effects are known to alter multiple stress response systems, leading to a more relaxed mindset.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto medical benefits are also suitable for relieving neuropathic pain disorders like migraines. Although purer indica strains are usually recommended for treating physical discomfort and injury, these kinds of cannabis are often accompanied by stronger sedative effects that can end up disrupting daily activities.

In contrast, the gentle anti-inflammatory and analgesic abilities of this high THC plant are perfectly designed to reducethe symptoms of headaches without impairing the user’s ability to function.

How to Grow Strawberry Cheesecake Auto Strain

Whether you’re growing Strawberry Cheesecake Auto marijuana seeds inside or directly in the ground, it’s recommended to keep a close eye on your humidity levels. Due to its squat structure and the density of its resinous buds, this multi-branching plant is highly susceptible to mould and fungal attacks, which can quickly devastate a harvest.

Using a dry air extractor or dehumidifier is recommended for indoor growers, while outside, this pheno thrives best in a warm and dry Mediterranean climate. That said, thanks to its short life cycle, it’s perfectly possible for breeders to achieve successful outdoor results even in the cooler summers of northern Europe.

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto-flowering time is not quite as quick as other autoflowering plants, but this low maintenance, photoperiod strain is still faster to flower than most. From seed through to harvest should only take a period of twelve-thirteen weeks in total, and growers won’t have to worry about complicated timings or adjusting light cycles.

In order to maximise yields, we advise trimming the lower branches and leaves of your plants to ensure proper light penetration to the bud sites. Under the right conditions and if given enough attention, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto indoor yields can easily reach up to 500g per/m2 or 600g per plant outside.