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Skywalker x OG Kush

by Barneys Farm

An autoflowering version of a veritable classic, Skywalker OG Auto is brought to you by the legendary Barney’s Farm. An indica-dominant hybrid, Skywalker OG is famed for its big buds full of orange and red tones and is now available in easy to grow autoflowering seeds.

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Skywalker OG Auto Strain Genetics

Skywalker OG’s lineage includes OG Kush and Skywalker (Mazar x Blueberry) for a mix of classic Thai, Kush, and Afghani genes, as well as traits including large yields and high THC content. These Skywalker OG Auto marijuana seeds add Barney’s Farm’s own Super Auto strain to add autoflowering simplicity to the growing process.  

The flavours and aromas of the Skywalker OG Auto cannabis strain are handed down from the classic strains in its heritage too, as is a blend of effects that includes a full-body buzz youre unlikely to forget any time soon!

Skywalker OG Auto Strain Terpene Profile

Thanks in part to those classic Afghan genetics, the Skywalker OG Auto flavours are old-school above all else, thanks to one of the dominant terpenes found in this hybrid strain, myrcene. This, the most common cannabis terpene, is responsible for the herbal flavour we all recognise and love.  However, there’s a lot on in the tastes and scents of this marijuana strain.

The presence of limonene, another Skywalker OG Auto abundant terpene, provides a fruity, citrus tingle on the tongue to this autoflowering cannabis on the exhale, which is the perfect accompaniment to the peppery, diesel-edged tickle on the inhale, which is provided by the spicy terpene, caryophyllene.

Skywalker OG Auto Strain Effects

The Skywalker OG Auto THC level is spectacularly high, especially for an autoflower strain, hitting somewhere close to the 25% mark. As you may expect, this results in quite the kick! Prepare yourself for a delightful assault on the senses here, this strain hits you fast and hard and can knock you back a step if you’re not prepared!

When you know it’s coming, however, an overwhelming sense of relaxation is your reward, with all muscles and joints becoming something close to jelly, while your mind gradually disappears into a euphoric, mind-expanding sense of chill that you’re never going to want to leave, and you won’t have to for a fair while thanks to this long-lasting high!

Skywalker OG Auto Strain Medical Benefits

Both Skywalker and OG Kush are reported to provide alleviation for pain symptoms, and the effects mentioned above means that this is a potential Skywalker OG Auto medical benefit. The relaxation of the joints thanks to the high THC, combined with the pain-relieving potential of caryophyllene and limonene, make this a popular medicinal marijuana strain for those living with chronic pain.

Another possible use for Skywalker OG Auto medical seeds is in the relief of stress. Whether it be stresses of the day or as a symptom of a long-term condition, the terpene and cannabinoid blend present in Skywalker OG Auto can soften the severity and duration of stress-related symptoms.

How to Grow Skywalker OG Auto Strain Seeds

Available as autoflowering feminized seeds, there is minimal effort required on the grower’s part when cultivating this impressive hybrid strain. The plants can grow high, as much as 2 metres even when growing indoors so trimming may be necessary. However, beyond that, you can kick back and expect the Skywalker OG Auto-flowering time to take around 10 weeks from germination. 

For outdoor growers, greenhouse growing is highly recommended and should result in those large Skywalker OG yields that made the original strain so famous. Forests of dense, thick, succulent buds coated in orange and red pistils under a coat of silvery trichomes. Expect tempting, tropical, citrus and herby aromas to greet you as grow time gets near!