Buy Pink Kush strain seeds

OG Kush Phenotype

by Barneys Farm

Pink Kush cannabis seeds are a unique twist on a classic strain from Barney’s Farm. This fast-flowering, high-yielding, indica-dominant strain creates dense buds that offer a potent, sleepy buzz that could be the perfect antidote for insomnia.

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Pink Kush Strain Genetics

Pink Kush seeds are a close relative of the legendary OG Kush, one of the most popular cannabis strains of all time and a mainstay at any seed bank worth it’s salt. There’s more of a lean towards vanilla flavours here, and the THC level is a little higher, both of which are benefits for many, but this is notably an OG Kush phenotype and a good one!

Expect fast flowering times and resistant plants that require minimal upkeep during growth from these Pink Kush marijuana seeds; all the best traits of the original OG (the OG OG, if you will) have been maintained here, while Pink Kush has also developed a unique personality all its own.

Pink Kush Strain Terpene Profile

A rich and deep terpene profile is responsible for the Pink Kush flavours, which blend classic Kush with modern twists. The primary terpene here is myrcene, the provider of that herby aroma and earthy taste reminiscent of the optimum old-school cannabis strains.

It’s not all nostalgia, though, with two more Pink Kush abundant terpenes, the peppery caryophyllene and the citrus heavy limonene, providing extra tones, combining to add that vanilla pod creaminess to the traditional herbal Kush flavours.

Pink Kush Strain Effects

The buzz here is pure Kush if a little turbocharged thanks to the high Pink Kush THC level that clocks in at over 20%. Expect a fast-acting, long-lasting, potent buzz characterized by an uplifted mood at first, followed by an overwhelming sense of chill that will see the stresses of the day gently drift away on the herbal breeze provided by this intriguing cannabis strain.

This OG Kush pheno from Barney’s Farm Seeds is the dream evening strain, adding a euphoric sense of happiness to an evening either alone or in company, followed by a night of deep and restful sleep to prepare you for whatever tomorrow has to bring!

Pink Kush Strain Medical Benefits

There are two main reported medicinal properties from OG Kush, and these are potentially present in the Pink Kush medical benefits also. The first of these properties is in aiding those living with insomnia. Many have found sleep issues are partly or even fully alleviated by the effects of this beautiful tasting hybrid cannabis strain.

Additionally, relief for the symptoms of pain-related issues is also possible. The THC, caryophyllene, and limonene present within Pink Kush may lead these medical seeds to reduce pain associated with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and migraines. The cannabinoid and terpene mix may be able to take away much of this pain.

How to Grow Pink Kush Strain Seeds

Growing Pink Kush feminised cannabis seeds (autoflowering seeds not yet available) takes a little bit of work from the grower, whether indoors or outdoors, but the effort pays off and then some! This predominantly indica strain doesn’t grow too tall, although the side branches may need trimming. The plants are also resistant to mildew but don’t react well to pests, so be careful what’s getting near your little forest!

The Pink Kush growing time can be as little as 8 weeks from germination for indoor growers, while outdoor and greenhouse gardeners can expect a decent Pink Kush yield of up to 700g per plant in the 1st-2nd week of October in dry climates. The strong scents of vanilla from the rich, dank, green buds will be joined by gorgeous pink hairs and a coating of trichomes to let you know these nugs are ready to go!