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Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel

by Barneys Farm

Barney’s Farms Lemon Tree is a balanced hybrid strain that is easy-growing and eager to produce after a quick flowering period. Blooming into a sunburst of delicious yellow citrus and funky fuel, this beauty’s sunkissed golden leaves and frosty shades of orange and purple are sure to captivate.  

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Lemon Tree Strain Genetics 

Barney’s Farm Lemon Tree marijuana seeds are a perfect blend of two parentages — a delectable crossing of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel. A combination of two skunk phenotypes, Lemon Skunk, is an energizing hybrid that boasts active, sativa-driven happiness, traits carried on through Lemon Tree seeds.

Lemon Tree lineage also features the robust sativa-dominant genealogy of Sour Diesel. Brimming with potent fuel fumes and positive mental effects, this strain highlights the unique aroma and power of Chemdawg, the relaxing indica efficiency of Super Skunk, and the sharp aromas of world-famous Skunk #1, full of energy and sharp aromas.

Lemon Tree Strain Terpene Profile

Discernable from its name alone, Lemon Tree dominant terpenes are the lusciously dank and fruity myrcene and the zesty brightness of limonene. Myrcene is responsible for the unique bouquet of skunky diesel and juicy, ripe fruits, as well as dank earth tones beneath the sharper aromas. 

Its considerable limonene content drives Barney’s Farm Lemon Tree aromas of sour citrus and tangy pineapple. The fresh and lively citrus aroma meld perfectly with myrcene’s rich heaviness, creating an intoxicating and room-filling aroma even before smoking.  

Lemon Tree Strain Effects 

Barney’s Farm Lemon Tree weed is prized for its uplifting hybrid potency of both the mind and body. CBD levels are low, but with THC levels capable of pushing 25%, effects will be sudden and decisive. Creativity and surges of euphoric happiness will arrive in waves, tempered by the balanced indica pedigree. 

Full-body relaxation is soon to follow, and laughter will come easy from Lemon Tree seeds. Don’t be surprised if friendly chats turn into hour-long discussions, as this is a social strain. Enjoy this tasty treat in the morning for a full day of constructive inspiration or before an evening out with friends. 

Lemon Tree Strain Medical Benefits

Barney’s Farm Lemon Tree medical seeds are sought after for their high-quality medicinal harvests. The strain’s happy relaxation is bolstered by full-body pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, alongside reducing feelings of stress and anxiety right after consumption. 

The Lemon Tree’s high THC levels come with their own medical benefits, including boosting appetite and reducing nausea. When combined with the strain’s terpene and cannabinoid profile, the naturally uplifting and relaxing effects burn away depressive thoughts, inspire activeness, and reduce feelings of fatigue and chronic pain.  

How to Grow Lemon Tree Strain 

New and experienced seed chasers will find growing Lemon Tree feminized seeds to be easy and rewarding. Low-stress training will help with light saturation, and staking will support the nug-heavy branches. 

Barney’s Farm Lemon Tree flowering time is 9-10 weeks from germination. Lemon Tree yields are robust, with SOG and SCROG setups coaxing upwards of 650g per m2 and nearly 1.5kg per plant in outdoor Mediterranean climates.

Harvest time for Lemon Tree cannabis Seeds will see beautiful green nugs coated with bright orange hairs and a shiny coating of fresh resin atop numerous trichomes. The leaves, presenting in shades of lemon-yellow, green, orange, and purple, take on the same frosty resin. After a proper curing time, intense lemony aromas of sharp citrus and piercing diesel will drip from the buds, and the room will reek with the skunky twang of sour tropical fruit.