Buy Laughing Buddha strain seeds

Thai Sativa x Jamaican Sativa

by Barneys Farm

For a more amusing way to attain enlightenment, try Laughing Buddha – a High Times Cannabis cup-winning Sativa strain from Barney’s Farm with a mirthful and meditative psychoactive style that’s the perfect sacred medicine for giggling your way to a higher state of consciousness.

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Laughing Buddha Genetic Profile

Whoever said finding inner peace had to be a solemn affair? With Laughing Buddha feminised seeds from Barney’s Farm, nirvana is just a couple of chuckles away! Winner of the 2003 High Times Cannabis for Best Sativa, if you’re looking for calming vibes, a short flowering period, and a smile-inducing, socially uplifting psychoactive experience, then this pleasantly potent cannabis hybrid is your one-way ticket to a harmonious and hilarious spiritual journey.

Combining Thai Sativa and a Jamaican Sativa – two outstanding landrace sativas from hot and sunny climates – Laughing Buddha lineage ensures a giggly, socially-enhancing experience that’s highly suitable for treating depressive disorders but also excellent for recreational enjoyment. Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, laugh your way straight to enlightenment with this award-winning hybrid from the Amsterdam-based Barney’s Farm seedbank.

Laughing Buddha Terpene Profile

Laughing Buddha aroma is candy-sweet and incredibly satisfying. The strain’s multi-faceted flavour profile combines sugary pineapple notes, pungent kush spice, skunk, and fruity, herbaceous hints that will send your tastebuds to a higher spiritual plane. Its sugary citrus taste is sure to bring a big smile to your face and, when consumed via a vaporizer or in the form of cannabis concentrates, its delicious flavours takes on an entirely different dimension.

Laughing Buddha dominant terpenes include limonene, alpha-pinene, and caryophyllene. Both limonene and alpha-pinene are thought to possess mood-elevating and stress-reducing effects. By altering dopamine levels and γ-aminobutyric acid in the body, these terps can actually help lower anxiety levels. They’re also believed to increase the effectiveness of THC via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Laughing Buddha Strain Effects

As a 75% sativa strain, Laughing Buddha effects will influence your mood and mind far more than the body, but they also feature a powerfully relaxing indica edge. Highly suitable for sharing with like-minded spiritual adventurers, ready yourself for a laugh-filled, socially-enhanced cerebral experience. Great for daytime recreational enjoyment, this uplifting sativa high is paired with a meditative quality that’ll leave you feeling completely calm and zen but without the heavy sedative hit that often accompanies stronger cannabis strains.

Laughing Buddha THC content can range from 18-21%, depending on the cultivation methods used. It also boasts impressive CBD levels of around 1.6%, making it particularly useful for medical purposes. However, if you’re not used to potent sativa strains, this is one sacred herb that’s best avoided.

Laughing Buddha Medical Benefits

People often say laughter is the best medicine, so if you suffer from a mood disorder, Laughing Buddha medical benefits may be the answer to awakening a happier, healthier mindset. Its inspiring, mirth-inducing effects can help depressed users fight off negative feelings and inspire a sunnier disposition in those struggling to see the brighter side of life. Though these effects may be only temporary, its instantaneous action can be all that’s needed to turn things around when you’re feeling low or struggling with a sense of emptiness.

Cannabis grown from Laughing Buddha medical seeds is also highly suitable for treating stress and social anxiety. Thanks to a unique chemical content that’s rich in limonene, THC, and CBD, this spectacular Thai x Jamaican plant has a wonderfully calming effect on the central nervous system. Great for clearing the mind and relaxing the body, if you’re searching for a sense of inner peace, its gentle influence can help you unwind and breathe easy when anxious feelings begin to invade.

How to Grow Laughing Buddha Strain

Although a relatively easy-going cultivar, owing to its Jamaican hybrid and Thai origins, growing Laughing Buddha marijuana seeds in a warm and sunny environment will yield the best results. Indoor breeders should attempt to replicate these conditions to get the richest harvests, but those with smaller setups should be aware that these sativa-dominant plants can easily stretch up to 2.5-3.5ft in height. Growers can easily reduce height without sacrificing yield by encouraging lateral growth, and there are a variety of techniques — including FIM, LST and SCROG — that are designed for this exact purpose.

Laughing Buddha seeds will produce plenty of oval-shaped, forest green colas with brassy orange trichomes, and although the plant’s appearance may not be especially spectacular, Laughing Budda yields more than make up for the fact. Growers can expect decent harvests of around 450g per/m2 indoors or 600g if grown outside.

Like most sativa strains, a little patience will be required as these plants will take a little longer than average to reach their full potential. Laughing Buddha cannabis seeds flowering time is around ten weeks from germination and can be harvested in mid-October if you choose to grow directly in the ground.