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Original OG x Urkel x Afghan Kush

by Barneys Farm

An almost 100% pure indica plant with a rough and rowdy reputation, Bad Azz Kush from Barney’s Farm is a formidable LA Afghan Kush cut mixed with triple-A Dutch genes that stands in fitting tribute to the Long Beach hip-hop legend from which it takes its name.

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Bad Azz Kush Genetic Profile

From the mean streets of LA right into the heart of old Amsterdam, Bad Azz Kush marijuana seeds pair the best of the West Coast with everything the Dutch capital has to offer. Created in tribute to the late great rapper Bad Azz from Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips, this hip-hop masterpiece blends a pure indica strain from Los Angeles dating back to ’98 with two hard-hitting cannabis hybrids to create a deliciously dank and THC-rich plant that bears no comparison.

Mixing Original OG, an Afghan Kush landrace plant, and the illustrious Urkel, Bad Azz Kush lineage is a transcontinental tour de force, packing pungent berry flavours and potent physical effects into a single standout cannabis cultivar that’s perfect for unplugging at the end of the day. Now available from MGS as feminized seeds, this legacy superstar from the Barney’s Farm seed bank makes growing California quality bud as easy as 123.

Bad Azz Kush Terpene Profile

Bad Azz Kush flavour profile combines the spicy, earthy aromas of a classic kush strain with a subtle forest fruit twist. Bred to school your tastebuds in a lesson in deliciousness, its pungent and pronounced aroma blends smokey hashish scents, grape, and blackberry with a herbaceous skunk smell that’s about as dank as they come. Consumers may also notice a slightly acidic aftertaste that lingers long after the smoke has cleared as a lasting reminder of the strain’s impeccable quality and credentials.

Myrcene is the major player behind this strain’s dank and fruity flavour. Other pungent terps like humulene and terpinolene make guest appearances, along with caryophyllene – a common Kush compound. Bad Azz kush abundant terpenes also play a role in rounding out the strain’s psychoactive approach, working alongside THC and other cannabinoids via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Bad Azz Kush Strain Effects

Bad Azz Kush effects combine the heavy body high of a landrace indica with a decent level of cerebral stimulation. Similar to an OG Kush plant, it has an immediate and long-lasting impact that begins with a euphoric sativa-like pistol-whip to the brain before quickly switching to a profoundly physical and intensely relaxing full-bodied attack. An excellent choice for unwinding after a long and laborious day, its high levels of THC are sure to satisfy even the most serious of smokers and will bring you comfortably down to couch level after only a couple of puffs.

Meant for heavy hitters only, Bad Azz Kush THC level is around 24% on average, and its strong indica effects can easily floor the unprepared. It also features a CBD content of around 1.1%, which is higher than average for a strain of its kind, making its couch locking impact ideal for medically diagnosed sleep disorders and for killing all types of pain. Easily one of Barney’s Farm’s best indica strains, keep this potent plant in lockdown until the later hours of the day.

Bad Azz Kush Medical Benefits

This powerful phenotype isn’t only for recreational enjoyment but can be used to treat a variety of health disorders, particularly those involving chronic pain. Marijuana is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional pain medications, including opioids, and can be used to ease all kinds of physical discomfort. Bad Azz Kush medical benefits are particularly suitable for neuropathic conditions, inflammation, and even general aches and pains, making this dispensary-grade plant a powerful medical tool under the right conditions.

Cannabis grown from Barney’s Farm Bad Azz Kush medical seeds has a very pronounced sedative influence and, as such, makes an excellent alternative to hypnotic drugs like zopiclone. For patients with disruptive disorders like insomnia, its strong sleep-inducing effects can offer similar relief with fewer side effects and won’t leave you feeling drowsy, or foggy-headed come the morning.

How to Grow Bad Azz Kush Strain

Easy to grow for beginner breeders and experts alike and incredibly fast-flowering for a feminised photoperiod variety, this Original OG x Urkel x Afghan Kush plant adapts well to indoor setups but is also great for outdoor cultivation. Growing Bad Azz Kush cannabis seeds on balconies on terraces is a stellar option as cultivators can easily control its height and production once it enters flowering. Although following a standard indica growth pattern, these plants can quickly reach over 1.2m tall, so a SCROG setup is an excellent option for promoting lateral growth and ensuring a balanced crop overall.

Growers can look forward to chunky green and yellow plants with enormous resin production rates. Barney’s Farm also recommends using a decent substrate and organic nutrients in order to obtain even bigger and better-tasting plants. Under optimum conditions, Bad Azz Kush yields can range from 450-550g per m/2 when grown under artificial lighting or up to 700g per plant if reared outside.

Expect to harvest your plants around the end of September, with Bad Azz Kush flowering time ranging from seven-eight weeks from germination, which is almost as fast as an autoflowering strain. Perfect for extract enthusiasts, this really is a plant that keeps on giving and won’t disappoint if you’re in the market for high-quality West Coast-style weed.