Buy Ahayuasca Purple strain seeds

Red River Delta x Master Kush

by Barneys Farm

An electric purple plant with a sweet papaya aroma and a potent psychoactive influence, Ayahuasca Purple is an almost pure indica strain from Barney’s Farm with powerful perception-altering effects that are the perfect accompaniment for your next spiritual excursion.

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Ayahuasca Purple Genetic Profile

Bred from Red River Delta – a mysterious Vietnamese strain gifted to Barney’s Farm by a US Army veteran living in Alaska – and the Dutch seedbank’s own superpowered Master Kush plant, Ayahuasca Purple lineage is a rare and revered combination that has resulted in a near-pure indica strain with a range of distinct and unique qualities.

Boasting beautiful red and purple colours, delicious fruit and nut flavours, and THC levels up to 21%, this incredible and inspiring hybrid plant has it all, including decent levels of CBD if you’re more concerned with the medicinal properties of marijuana.

Named after the psychoactive brew that’s used as a ceremonial medicine by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin, this strain fully lives up to its title, providing powerful psychedelic yet ultimately relaxing effects that are ideal for a little spiritual healing. Available now from MGS as feminized seeds, it’s the perfect strain for those seeking recreational relief or a natural alternative to more conventional medical treatments.

Ayahuasca Purple Terpene Profile

Ayahuasca Purple aroma and taste is alluring and unusual. Expect a blend of sweet papaya, rich hazelnut, and robust earthy kush flavours that leave a savoury and slightly spicy aftertaste. This heavenly blend of sugar and nuts is quite unlike another cannabis plant, making it a must-try for strain hunters and fans of more unconventional flavour pairings.

Ayahuasca Purple abundant terpenes include caryophyllene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, and bisabolol. This latter terp, which is also known as levomenol, is often cited as the terpene responsible for the nutty flavours sometimes found in cannabis and is also known for its skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Alpha-pinene can also have a nutty taste, but it’s myrcene terpenes that provide the tropical fruit flavours associated with this strain.

Ayahuasca Purple Strain Effects

As an almost 100% pure indica plant, Ayahuasca Purple effects are predominantly bodily-orientated, but behind its physical effects hides a keen sativa-like psychedelic streak. Expect an immediate head rush and a conscious-altering cerebral hit paired with intense relaxing effects that’ll keep you couch-locked for a long while. Excellent for a little psychoactive introspective but also pain and stress relief, its high THC content delivers an incredibly relaxing and satisfying experience that’s best enjoyed during the later hours of the day.

As this Red River Delta x Master Kush combo is one of Barney’s Farm’s most powerful hybrids to date, the Dutch seedbank recommend that only experienced cannabis users consider sampling this sacred herb. Ayahuasca Purple THC level averages at around 21%, and its intense effects can easily overwhelm the unprepared. It also boasts a decent CBD content, making it an excellent choice for medical users with a higher than average tolerance.

Ayahuasca Purple Medical Benefits

Just like the spiritual medicine from which it gets its name, Ayhayuasca Purple medical benefits could help with many different types of health conditions. The plant’s high THC content and moderate levels of CBD make it an excellent option for treating inflammatory disorders. These two compounds have shown tremendous promise in reducing swelling and easing the symptoms of chronic inflammatory conditions, including Crohn’s disease. Furthermore, these effects are enhanced by terpenes like caryophyllene and bisabolol, increasing the effectiveness of cannabinoids via a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Cannabis grown from Ahayuasca Purple medical seeds is also highly suitable for treating sleep disorders like insomnia. While its knockout sedative effects are known to cause couchlock, which is often an unwanted side effect of more potent cannabis strains, patients who struggle to maintain healthy sleep patterns can easily use these effects to their advantage. If consumed before bed, it can offer a potent alternative to over-the-counter medications, providing gentle but effective assistance to those looking to reset their circadian rhythms.

How to Grow Ayahuasca Purple Strain

This near-pure indica plant is primarily intended for indoor cultivation, but those living in hot outdoor climates can also get great results from these photoperiod cannabis seeds. If you’re planning on growing Ahayuasca Purple seeds indoors, it may be worth investing in a decent dehumidifier as its dense buds are very susceptible to rot and moisture problems.

Otherwise, this plant is relatively easy to grow and requires little no to extra nutrients. Growers can expect compact, indica-dominant plants with short internodes, multiple side branching, broad fan leaves, and beautiful buds that bloom in eye-catching ruby red and purple colours.

Ayahuasca Purple marijuana seeds flowering time is seven-eight weeks from germination, or around the end of September for outdoor growers, which is almost as fast as an autoflowering strain. During this time, it may require some extra structural support to prevent its branches from snapping. An excellent choice for BHO extracts, it’s also a very high yielder. Under optimum indoor conditions, growers can expect Ahyauasca Purple yields to reach up to 650g per m/2, but even bigger harvests may be possible if using specialised cultivation techniques like SOG or SCROG.