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Jet Fuel OG x Do-Si-Dos

by Archive Seeds

Raising the temperature during those cold winter months, Heat Wave is a fiery, fuel-flavoured cannabis indica-dominant hybrid from the Archive seed bank that should be a must on any respectable cannabis wishlist!

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Heat Wave Strain Genetics

Archive Seeds specialise in making cannabis crossbreeds that other marijuana seeds companies might not consider. Heat Wave is an especially unusual combination of two in-house genetics phenotypes that share similar stimulating effects but also fall on opposite ends of the olfactory spectrum.

Jet Fuel OG aka G6 is the ultimate diesel superstrain and blends DNA from fuel flavoured favourites Aspen OG and High Country Diesel while staying true to its SFV OG Kush and Sour Diesel roots. When mixed with Do-Si-Dos, a cookies veteran with a sugary flavour, this pungent strain takes on a new identity, resulting in an incendiary cannabis strain with a sweet and spicy summertime vibe.

Heat Wave Strain Terpene Profile

Cookies and diesel strain might taste and smell a little different, but their polarising terpene profiles compliment each other perfectly. Sweet and sour fuel aromas and lemony overtones intermixed with pine meet creamy ice cream flavours and spicey accents in this surprisingly delicious mix of chemical and candy tastes.

While limonene – a terpene found in the rind of many citrus fruits – provides Heat Wave’s tantalising tang, myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes are responsible for the spice and gassy elements of the strain, while monoterpenes like linalool and pinene adding a refreshing floral kick for a little extra refinement.

Heat Wave Strain Effects

Jet Fuel OG gets its name from both its flavour and the high-energy jolt of effects it provides, which eventually cool down into a dream-like state of relaxation. Do-Si-Dos combine medical-grade sativa genetics and indica-like effects, and together, these two give Heat Wave a fiery impact that begins with a mind-melting head buzz and ends with intense feelings of sedation.

Make sure to treat this volatile strain with respect as its high THC levels can make even experienced users a little hot under the collar. Users should aim for evening use to avoid burning out. 

Heat Wave Medical Benefits

Heat Wave cannabis seeds are multipurpose, and their unconventional terpene content makes them very suitable for medical marijuana usage. Limonene and caryophyllene are two of the most common terpenes found in nature, and both are powerful anti-inflammatories. They can significantly decrease nitric oxide production, which is a critical component in inflammation, and are great for treating chronic conditions like colitis.

Furthermore, studies have also shown limonene’s ability to decrease appetite, meaning Heat Wave could also help those looking to lose weight loss or manage certain eating disorders. 

How to Grow Heat Wave Strain

Heat Wave inherits its hardiness and striking appearance from Do-Si-Dos and like its parent plant, growers can expect glittering trichomes, bright pistils and lime green and lavender leaves from this alluring cultivar. But while it might make the perfect addition to your garden, due to its pungent aroma, cultivators may want to consider a greenhouse set-up for a more discrete growth cycle. 

Taller than your average cannabis plants, thanks to its mixed genetics, and favouring full sun and warmer climates, these photoperiod regular cannabis seeds are easy to germinate but boast a slightly longer flowering time than other OG descendants, and will be ready to harvest after 10 weeks from germination. Their yields aren’t the largest either, but with this Jet Fuel OG x Dosidos cultivar from the Archive Seed company, it’s all about quality over quantity.