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Face-Off OG x Moonbow #75

by Archive Seeds

Fresh from the Archive Seed bank, Crazy Hazey feminised cannabis seeds are a three-way, genetically indica-leaning hybrid with massive sativa effects and a delightful aromatic profile. Hefty, resinous, and generating great yields, growers will love adding this unique strain to their collection.

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Crazy Hazey Strain Genetics 

Archive Seeds Crazy Hazey lineage features a three-way hybrid between the sativa-heavy Big Sur Holy Weed by Bodhi Seeds and Archive Seeds’ own Face Off OG and Moonbow #75 cannabis strains. 

Face-Off OG, an indica-dominant phenotype of OG Kush, lends potent full-body effects, while Moonbow #75, an offspring of Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos, contributes excellent resin production with a complexly fruity terpene profile that is found in Crazy Hazey marijuana seeds.

Crazy Hazey Strain Terpene Profile

Crazy Hazey aromas and flavours are a unique blend of its Big Sur Holy Weed x Face-Off x Moonbow #75 parentage, featuring a bouquet of sweet berries and floral spice as resin production begins. Sweet and dank earth are found in mature plants and their cured buds, making for a cloud of intensely flavorful smoke.

Myrcene is the strongest of Crazy Hazey dominant terpenes, providing dank and sticky fruit with hints of intriguing earth and a touch of spice. Additionally, humulene adds that sweet, herbal warmth and resinous spice to give some depth to the fruity aromatics. 

Crazy Hazey Strain Effects 

Led by its sativa genes and high THC, Crazy Hazey feminized seeds are a cerebral powerhouse, lighting a fire under your mind and delivering uplifting mental stimulation that will leave you motivated, alert, and ready for action. The strain’s indica characteristics provide a steady calm and body relaxation, eliminating any jittery sativa anxiety and paranoia while wrapping the body in a pleasant sheet of relaxation. 

Crazy Hazey THC levels are profound, with effects heading straight to the head upon the first blissful consumption. This head high will spread slowly, trickling down into the body with subsequent sessions. Crazy Hazey is best enjoyed before a night out with friends or enjoy its energizing buzz before a workout. 

Crazy Hazey Strain Medical Benefits

With Crazy Hazey medical seeds’ active and cerebral profile, expect stress and anxiety to dissolve beneath a confident and calm mind. Be ready to tackle tasks and creative endeavours that seemed just out of reach before.

Along with its potent THC content reaching over 20% and powerful indica genetics, heavy usage of Crazy Hazey weed will slow you down some, but don’t expect any couch lock or body-numbing effects. Mild pain relief and a release of tight muscles will help to dissolve body stress keep your vibe a pleasant one. 

How to Grow Crazy Hazey Strain 

Growing Crazy Hazey feminized cannabis seeds is straightforward and rewarding, even for first-time growers. With flowering times 8-11 weeks after germination, indoor growers can get multiple grow sessions in a year, while outdoor growers (in the northern hemisphere) will need to prepare for harvest at the end of October. A robust plant structure can be tamed with some low-stress training or simple stake support of large and sturdy side branches to support the weight of its rich buds. 

Archive Seeds Crazy Hazey yields are plentiful, showcasing a beautiful main cola and several plump flowers which grow into chunky buds. By harvest time, expect trichomes galore, with an utterly resin-frosted plant, even down to its trim leaves, so thick that only a few orange pistils can be found here and there. Harvest days will be a treat as high-quality terpenic aromas fill the air with a crazy haze of sweet earth and dank, fruity resin.