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Northern Lights x Skunk #1 x Afghani Indica

by Sensi Seeds

This aptly named, three-way hybrid makes it look like Christmas has come early.

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White Ice Genetics

Sensi Seeds crossed Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk and the original Afghani Indica, to create this frosty, white haired 80% indica-dominant hybrid.

White Ice Terpene Profile

The flavour of this indica is pungent and sweet with an expansive, smoky aftertaste on the exhale.   

White Ice Effects

The effects of this strain are in line with your typical indica effects. So, expect a heavy body-stoned feeling. But contrary to most indicas, this one doesn’t glue your ass to the couch as much.    

Medical Benefits White Ice

Due to its predominantly indica genetics and typically relaxing effects, White Ice’s is may be helpful for those struggling with insomnia, muscles aches and mild pains. Some may find White Ice helpful for coping with stress, although those prone to anxiety are suggested to try a strain with a lower THC content.

How to Grow White Ice

The growing difficulty might be on the scale of easy to intermediate, but the yield is phenomenal! Even under less than ideal growing conditions, this strain will produce dense and heavy buds with a thick coat of snowy white hairs. In other words, this strain was very aptly named.