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White Haze, Sensi Seeds’ White Label interpretation of the famed and fabulous Haze strain, won first prize at the 2002 Cannabis Cup.

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White Haze Genetics

Sensi Seeds’ sister company White Label had the shameless notion they could improve on the already strong and well-established genetics of the pure sativa strain simply known as Haze. And they pulled it off with flying colours! Crossbreeding Haze with an unknown indica gave the already impressive trichome production a considerable boost and shortened the height and flowering time of this amazing plant. Their efforts netted an award for best sativa at the 2002 Cannabis Cup.

White Haze Terpene Profile

The taste and aroma of White Haze are, though seemingly impossible, even more intense than that of the original. Allow yourself to be blown away by zesty lemony sweetness accompanied by the lovely earthy scent of a damp pine forest floor on a brisk spring morning.

White Haze Effects

One of the most innovative features of White Haze, as opposed to the original, is the added bonus of indica genetics. Besides the energizing and creatively stimulating cerebral effects of the original Haze, White Haze will top that with a noticeable physical relaxation that eases the entire body and leaves it buzzing with an overwhelming sensation of bliss.    

Medical Benefits White Haze

White Haze, like most sativa’s, is a perfect strain to cope with the symptoms of depression, OCD or other mental conditions like PTSD. Its indica properties are an ideal aid for pain management and muscle spasms.

How to Grow White Haze

The relatively long flowering period of the original Haze strain has been considerably reduced by the introduction of indica genetics. This has also resulted in a reduction in the height of the adult plant, which makes it even better suited for indoor cultivation. Ideally, this plant will produce the best results and yield when grown using the SCROG method. Other welcome influences of its indica genetics are thicker, denser and extremely resinous, elongated sativa colas.