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Skunk #1

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“Easy on beginners” is the best way to describe California Orange Bud, both in cultivation and effect. This classic award-winning strain will brighten up your day like the Californian mid-summer sun.

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Californian Orange Bud Strain Genetics

Sensi Seeds brought this classic strain back from California to the Netherlands in the early 80’s and perfected it for indoor cultivation. The exact genetic makeup of this strain is shrouded in mystery, but most agree that it is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid with genetic traits that might have come from a Skunk #1 genotype.

Californian Orange Bud Strain Terpene Profile

California Orange Bud has an unmistakable zesty and yet sweet orange flavor combined with other subtle citrus hints and a spicy undertone. California Orange Bud is a delicious introduction for those who haven’t popped their “Pot cherry” yet.    

Californian Orange Bud Strain Effects

If used in moderation, California Orange Bud has a pleasant sativa-like effect that makes you feel happy and alert, while stimulating the creative mind. If you take an extra dose, you will start to experience the indica dominant body-stoned effects. But, California Orange Bud will never dampen your mood or lock you to the couch.

Medical Benefits Californian Orange Bud Strain

Due to the moderate amounts of THC and CBD of 16 and 0.1%, this strain might not be your first choice as a ”medicinal-only’” strain. California Orange Bud does help lift your mood if you’re experiencing PMS or mild depression. In larger doses, it will also help relax your muscles and alleviate minor aches and pains.

How to Grow Californian Orange Bud Seeds

California Orange Bud is specially engineered for indoor cultivation unless you live in a warm and sunny climate like that of California. It’s very easy to grow for beginners but if you are looking for a strain to advance your skills, like your first try at hydroponics, then California Orange Bud is a safe bet. Just make sure you give the plant sufficient high-quality nutrients.