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Haze 1 x Afghani #1

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Amnesia White is Sensi Seeds’ refinement of the famed Haze genotype. This hybrid boosts the psychedelic effects of Haze and adds the growing prowess of Afghanica cultivars.

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Amnesia White Strain Genetics

Sensi Seeds took their best Haze genotype and crossed it with an Afghanica strain to enhance the long flowering period, low yields and enormous length of this sativa classic. The merging resulted in a sativa that will flower sooner, generates more crystalline buds and matures to a size better suited for indoor cultivation. To preserve the heavy-hitting high of the original source material, Sensi back-crossed this hybridization with a Thai sativa.

Amnesia White Strain Terpene Profile

Amnesia White retains the sweet and characteristic aroma of its sativa ancestry of spicy citrus, combined with the earthy scent of a damp pine forest floor.

Amnesia White Strain Effects

Amnesia White’s cerebral high builds on the existing hard-hitting and fast-acting effects of its Haze genetics. In small doses, this strain is the perfect pick-me-up along with a cup of coffee and is guaranteed to energize your mind and spark your creativity. Larger doses can be experienced as a mind-bending, cerebral trip. No wonder the effect of this strain is often described as psychedelic.

Medical Benefits Amnesia White Strain

The medicinal applications of Amnesia White lie, just like its mental effects, in cerebral relief. Amnesia White is often prescribed to patients with chronic migraines, headaches, glaucoma, mental fatigue or depression. Besides this, the strain seems to be an excellent remedy for inflammation.

How to Grow Amnesia White Seeds

Due to the introduction of the Afghanica genetics, Amnesia White is now a sativa variant that is well-suited for indoor growth. It does particularly well in a screen of green (SOG) setup and grows faster and less tall than its Haze ancestor.

Outdoors, this strain thrives in a temperate/Mediterranean climate – those along northern latitudes may want to grow this strain in a greenhouse.