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Afghan Kush, the famous landrace strain from the Hindu Kush region is the praised breeding parent for numerous hybrids. Easy-to-grow, Afghan Kush produces high yields of thick, resinous buds.

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Afghan Kush Strain Genetics

The Hindu Kush mountain range has been the source of the famous Kush strains for hundred of years. Afghan Kush is, as the name suggests, from the Afghanistan side of the region and has been used to make Charas and Black Hash for as long as there have been humans living in that area.

Afghan Kush Strain Terpene Profile

As you would expect from an indica genotype, the hash-like combination of earth, wood and a spicy herbal finish form the template of what we all have come to know and love as that typical indica flavour.

Afghan Kush Strain Effect

Afghan Kush’s potent high is very physical. Best enjoyed the evening, this strain provides an extremely sedative, heavy-bodied sensation that can leave you stuck to the couch.

Medical Benefits Afghan Kush Strain

The sedative effects of Afghan Kush are best utilized as a medicine against insomnia and muscle and pain. Ongoing research has suggested that high THC and low CBD strains may have potential benefits including relieving symptoms of Glaucoma. Although thought to be more effective when working together with CBD, THC is also understood to have some pain-relieving properties on its own. Considering this, this high THC strain may also provide some relief from general aches and pains.

How to Grow Afghan Kush Seeds

Due to its rugged genetics, Afghan Kush is a study plant that will grow pretty much anywhere. For the best result and yield, it is always advised to grow your crops in an indoor environment. Nonetheless, Afghan Kush will produce large quantities of thick, dense resinous buds in almost every growing situation in a relatively short amount of time, even for beginner growers.