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Wedding Cake x Triple OG

by Vision Seeds

We all love to have our cake and eat it, which is certainly what you get with these potent cannabis seeds. Two worlds collide here, as Wedding Cake x Triple OG seamlessly marries together the best of the dessert strains with a Kush legend. A delicious, highly potent, match made in heaven.

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Wedding Cake x Triple OG Genetics

Part of the family of indica strains, Wedding Cake (AKA Pink Cookies) provides a tart sweetness, while the combination of Triple OG grants us the kush strain qualities needed to stabilise these hybrid DNA genetics.

This cannabis strain boasts quite the lineage. Triple OG was forged from three parent strains, Triangle Cush, Constantine and Master Yoda, while Wedding Cake is a genetic cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, affording it that sumptuous tartness for which it is so revered.

Wedding Cake x Triple OG Terpene Profile

A rich and zesty treat, the sour tanginess from this Wedding Cake strain gives way to a hint of creaminess. The crisp, citrusy notes afforded by Wedding Cake’s limonene dominant terpene profile, burn away to reveal earthy chocolatey aromas, attributed to the herbal presence of myrcene coursing through Triple OG.

For a cannabis strain connoting cake, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little bummed out as your palate is presented with such an initial sharpness, but patience is required. Although the name Wedding Cake is a little misleading, conjuring up thoughts of sugary goodness, rest assured that these sweet seeds will deliver as we rely on myrcene to kick out much-anticipated notes of vanilla.

Caryophyllene, a powerful antioxidant dominant in both parties rounds off these hybrid seeds with a warm and subtle spiciness.

Wedding Cake x Triple OG Effects

For the impatient among us, effects of Wedding Cake x Triple OG will be felt almost immediately. Still, a word of warning, the rewards of these sweet seeds should be reaped with care due to an exceptionally high THC content, averaging at around 24%

With a THC level this high, consumers report an uplifted feeling, praising this strain for its ability to ease tension with the much welcome absence of any paranoia.

Medical Benefits Wedding Cake x Triple OG

Myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene work together like proverbial superheroes, alongside its huge THC content, to help alleviate ailments such as stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression with increased levels of relaxation all but guaranteed.

Dominant terpene myrcene possesses its own very unique superpower, in that it is capable of increasing the THC level, reaching the CB1 inhibitors present in our brain and central nervous system. This has the potential to magnify the potency of a cannabis strain’s psychoactive qualities while amplifying its medicinal efficacy.

Lack of appetite? That’s soon about to change. Be sure to stock up on snacks as this cannabis strain hunts down your hunger. Speaking of which, the Girl Scout Cookie lineage of Wedding Cake makes these sweet seeds well suited for creating some delicious edibles should you be so inclined.

How to Grow Wedding Cake x Triple OG

These cannabis seeds produce a plant carrying remarkable structure, giving way to a myriad of flowers. This particular cannabis strain will undoubtedly brighten up your grow room, with these serious seeds giving way to large, dense, colourful buds featuring a kaleidoscope of shimmering crystals. 

As beautiful as it may be, this isn’t the easiest cannabis strain to grow and isn’t recommended for first-time growers. This is mainly due to Wedding Cake x Triple OG being susceptible to powdery mildew. However, diligent pruning should improve airflow to the canopy. 

Buy Wedding Cake x Triple OG and after approximately 9 – 10 weeks growers can expect these hybrid seeds to yield an impressive bounty of anywhere between 600 – 700g per m2.