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Chem's Sister x Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dubb

by Vision Seeds

Vision Gorilla is Vision Seeds’ version of the much loved, and world-famous cup winner Gorilla Glue. With various monikers including Original Glue and GG4, Vision brings their version of this classic, indica dominant hybrid marijuana seed. With a high THC level, Gorilla strains are famed for their impressive potency, as well as those remarkably sticky buds which inspired the “glue” part of its famous name.

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Vision Gorilla Genetics

The genetics of Vision Seeds’ Vision Gorilla (matching those of cup winner Gorilla Glue) is a veritable who’s who of well-known strains, with Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb all playing their part in creating this high-THC child. 

As virtually the same strain, Vision Gorilla enjoys that same storied history and a flavour and aroma that has the pungent, sour touches of its parent strains. 

Vision Gorilla Terpene Profile

The rich cacophony of flavour offered by Vision Gorilla is derived from an impressive terpene profile which includes a peppery vibe of caryophyllene and a sour citrus twist of limonene to create a tasty flavour combination that lingers gleefully on the tip of the tongue.

Another terpene found in Vision Gorilla is myrcene, which is the source of that classic cannabis flavour. Less abundant than the two terpenes mentioned above, there is still enough influence to provide that traditional, earthy, herbal taste on the inhale, and the traditional aroma we all know and love. 

Vision Gorilla Effects

A heavyweight strain in more than just name, Vision Gorilla certainly packs a punch and is an excellent choice for strain hunters looking to kick back and chill out with a happy, uplifting feeling.

The effects of this high THC (around 20%) hybrid cannabis strain are fast-acting and potent, a chilled sense of euphoria that may be too much for the newbie, but is much loved by the veteran of the cannabis world—a perfect night-time strain for when all you want to do is kick back and relax. 

Vision Gorilla Medical Benefits

Vision Seeds’ Gorilla Glue strain has a variety of potential medical benefits, thanks to its unique terpene profile and high THC content. Those with chronic pain may find medical benefits in this cannabis strain, with the pain-relieving properties of THC and caryophyllene, which both bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors, and myrcene acting as a regulator. 

Vision Gorilla may also offer relief for the symptoms of mild anxiety and stress-related conditions due to the presence of limonene and myrcene. As such, Gorilla Glue has become a popular choice of medical seeds for medical marijuana users to treat conditions like anxiety and stress.

How to Grow Vision Gorilla

While Vision Gorilla feminised cannabis seeds are not as easy to grow as others, they will reward your efforts with tall, brutish plants offering hefty, resin-coated buds that release a somewhat pungent aroma when it’s ready to go.  The height of these plants also necessitates a lot of space when growing indoors.

A fast flowering time (seven to nine weeks) with a moderate indoor yield should be expected when growing Vision Gorilla in a controlled setting. While outdoor growers of this feminised cannabis seed may find this to be a more complicated strain, it will reward with an impressively high yield in warmer climates such as those in the Mediterranean. 

How to Grow Vision Gorilla Autoflowering

Vision Gorilla Auto is, as the name suggests, the autoflower version of this Gorilla Glue version. Autoflowering seeds are a type of seeds that are much easier to grow than regular cannabis seeds, with less effort required by the grower. Resilient, sturdy plants which don’t need much space and limited lighting changes (18 hours on, six hours off for the full cycle) auto feminised seeds are an excellent choice for the less experienced grower. 

This Vision Gorilla auto feminised seed type has a slightly slower flowering time, at around 8-10 weeks, and while the yield might be a little less, you’ll still get a decent amount of chunky resin-coated buds covering this impressive plant.